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Salvation Army Detox Program Closes Its Doors

The Salvation Army closed the doors at its 8-bed Detox Unit at Clitheroe Center on August 10. The decision was the direct result of a nationwide nursing shortage, which impacted the organizations ability to employ enough qualified nursing staff to manage the day to day program operations. Clitheroe's detox unit was the only medically enhanced detox program in the state to offer specialized mental health services for individuals who are suicidal, and/or have co-occurring psychiatric disorders and require detoxification. Salvation Army officials are not certain they will be able to reopen the program, unless additional funding is made available to hire and retain the skilled nursing staff needed to operate the Detox Unit.

A meeting with State and City officials outlined a short-term plan to triage individuals through local hospitals and identify any available treatment options. “Our immediate concern was for the individuals directly impacted by this situation, so we are relieved that a temporary plan will help individuals seeking out these essential services,” shared Major Douglas Tollerud, Divisional Commander for The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army Clitheroe Center will continue operating, as it has for more than 30 years, offering professional, comprehensive substance abuse treatment through its residential, outpatient and continuing care programs to men, women and families.

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Detoxification Unit (Detox)

Physical withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs can be life-threatening; it often requires medical intervention to monitor and assist with the detoxification process. The Detoxification Unit provides medical and nursing services for men and women experiencing withdrawal, or who are likely to experience withdrawal, from alcohol and other drug dependence. Motivational counseling, AA/NA Meetings and nutritious meals and snacks are provided also.

Enhanced Detoxification Unit (EDU)

The Enhanced Detoxification Unit provides detox and mental health services to those individuals who are in danger of psychiatric distress. They also receive motivational counseling, watch videos and are served nutritious meals and snacks.