May 17, 2022

"No charges had been filed by Monday afternoon, the Hughes County court clerk said." 

Every day people are sent to prison for selling meth. They are not police chiefs though.


May 16, 2022

Be suspicious 

HYIPs are a category of crypto ponzi in which people are paid a high percentage rate, and then paid off with new investors' money. It's signature is that broadly looking at it, it is unsustainable.

Luna coin was one of the more sophisticated HYIPs, but it was still a deliberate scam. built itself up by selling advertisement space to the scammiest HYIPs, basically building its success on deliberately scamming its audience. So it is generally 'acceptable' to promote scams as long as you have a following.

Luna coin was probably the cleverest of the successful scams, but it was an overt scam and any claims that they 'sold bitcoin' are unlikely unless the transactions have been verified.

The founder of Luna has a vast stash of cash hidden from everybody, including his wife. His legs should be broken if he is not willing to return most of his loot. Lots of people have probably committed suicide by now, many more completely ruined for the foreseeable future because they trusted him and his network of scammers. Anybody who wants to chalk it up to 'education' has to be willing to educate the scam crew as well.


May 15, 2022

Another day, another manifesto 

This one makes it much more obvious that a lot of these mass shooters are just military or police fetishists. 

Like military/police their ultimate goal is to find something that they can be called 'expert' in, and anybody can be an expert in 'authority' simply by joining a group that will back their authority.

This is a small, extremely graphic, clip of the shooting that makes the motive more obvious.

Warning extremely graphic. 

He is acting like he is under an immediate threat, in other words he is playing cowboys and Indians, or cops and robbers, except that the people he is shooting are targeted because they are specifically not dangerous.

Sort of like an adrenaline junky who goes on a canned hunt. 

The canned lion hunter and mass shooters, like this one, are the same at their core when you strip away the backstory they use to explain how they are heroes.

All of the wars these people are familiar with are like canned hunts so they have been taught their whole lives that the secret to 'military success' is creating a false narrative that your allies will support then committing carnage that has no genuine rationale, and finally the cash in phase.

The police chasing these 'dangerous killers', same story. They spend a few hours a week lofting weights so they appear to have muscles from real work, then they get some tattoos, associated with power.

The real mystery in places like the United States is why are there not far more mass shooters.


May 13, 2022

Noam Chomsky is desperately trying to prevent the United States from completely imploding 

Meanwhile top U.S. officials are sabotaging U.S. interests, in service to their unknown masters/owners. 

In the news at the moment, a bizarre fantasy about how Russia might invade Finland.

The Western public is being led to believe that Nato is riding to the rescue. The truth is that Finnish leaders are being pressured behind the scenes to help the UK escalate. 

What people in the West are being led to believe. 

The truth? For at least two decades the number of Finns who opposed joining Nato has been roughly two times the number who wanted to join. At the peak in 2012 65% were opposed or strongly opposed and only 14% supported or strongly supported joining Nato. 

The United States spends billions of dollars a year manipulating and pressuring foreign leaders. 

The irony is that all this manipulation does far more harm than good, and will be studied in depth, as a cause of death, when the U.S. obituary is written.


There is no such thing as secure public key cryptography


Governments are taking advantage of the fact that most people are weak at math. Eventually enough people will understand that you cannot have an open source algorithm encrypt securely, you can only obfuscate the lack of complexity.

There is a very good reason all major governments use one time cyphers for their most secure material.


As the UK part of the melting pot continues weakening, the UK et al will redirect/transfer public disgust of them to the state of Israel until the next Arab Spring starts 

When WWII ended the state of Israel was allowed to fantasize that it had super soldiers, extraordinary ethics, etc.

The superpowers tolerated that with the assumption that eventually there would be leadership within the state of Israel that would push it towards a survivable path.

Never happened.

Now, dinnertime for the British as they prepare to serve up the state of Israel with a sprig of parsley in its mouth.

It won't save Britain externally, but it will make internal populations more manageable as the Arab bloc unifies.

The big mystery historians will wonder about is how the Israelis got so stupid, considering they win 98% of all Nobel prizes.


May 12, 2022

The word 'dimension' does not appear on this page announcing a photo of the black hole supposedly at the center of this galaxy 

But a person has to guess that a black hole is three dimensional, not two dimensional.

Not on this page either.

"The image involved the work of more than 300 researchers, billions of processing hours, 11 radio telescopes scattered across the globe, and several petabytes of data that, if printed, would require enough paper to stretch from Earth to the Moon." 

Which means the images have been tidied up, since you would be seeing the dark part of the photo through the same light as on the perimeter of the object, and raises the possibility that the tidying was done to preserve the paradigm the observers wanted to present.

A complex photo of the sun would show a cooler core too, and could be made to look very similar to this black hole.

Probably not as egregious as fictional 'gravity waves', but who knows.

The important observation in this announcement is how willing corporate/government scientists are to create speculative data and present it as groundbreaking.


May 11, 2022

A preview of what Europe is in store for locally, as it fractures, once economies start disentangling 


Eventually people will realize that decades of 'anti drug' and 'anti terror' by the U.S. in Latin America have really had only one strategic goal, anti indigenous political power 

The big news won't come though until silver takes off.


"China-US relations: US warship transit of Taiwan Strait misleads independence forces, says Beijing" 

There is no reason for China to invade Taiwan, since Taiwan would voluntarily 'join' China within a few years anyway, but still the Taiwan population only has to look to Ukraine, where the West is willing to fight until the last Ukrainian is dead, to figure out what Taiwan's relationship with the U.S. is about.

China is not an admirable geopolitical force, it is simply the replacement of the UK/U.S. as the dominant face of the global melting pot, a person should not support either and should not buy the lies of either.


May 10, 2022

What happens when you put the slow learners in charge? 


May 9, 2022

Et tu, Bibi?

As the set up for the next Arab Spring approaches, the entire leadership of the state of Israel appears to be under the control of those behind it. 

"...former director of Interpol, inventor of the airplane, Pulitzer prize winner, WWII flying ace..." 

The next step will be to silence any resistance. 



At the UK's behest, the United States has been doing everything possible, for many years, to spark a war in Ukraine involving U.S. soldiers. 

If the Russians are too hesitant to escalate the war, and that appears to be the case, the UK will do whatever they deem necessary.

What is inadvertent?


May 8, 2022

At least we have politicians

"We anticipate that in the Sacramento Valley alone, over 350,000 acres of farmland will be fallowed, 


May 2, 2022

There are zero western diplomatic leaders who are able to speak accurately the way Lavrov can 

Not because there is anything great about Lavrov, but because he is working with the truth.


"That'll be $7.5 million. Pay the clerk on your way out please." 


There is a massive undercurrent, invisible to most Jews, which shows a small group of Jews as conspiring against the larger Jewish global population 

The origin of the problem is the confusion between tribe and discipline i.e., religion, among Jews, and that is what lets the problem repeat.

A secondary cause is the delusion, among many Jews, that they are a master race.

Perhaps the only thing that Britain and Russia are cooperating on, at the moment, is the use of the state of Israel as a scapegoat for global tensions in their pursuit to create a unified Arab or broader Muslim bloc.

At some point Israelis will realize what lies ahead and make a desperate scramble to create a peace with a Palestinian state.


May 1, 2022

If a hillbilly accidentally starts a brush fire he will get attacked in the press and charged with something or fined

"The fire started April 6 when a prescribed burn set by firefighters to clear out small trees and brush that can fuel fires was declared out of control. That fire then merged with another wildfire a week ago. 

 Law enforcement rules now for firefighters.


April 29, 2022

"400 people in the Kharkiv region alone" 

Maybe people should wonder why so many Ukrainians support Russia on that issue.


Fareed Zakaria announces his retirement 

Though he hasn't specified whether it will be due to death or illness.

A day later he reconsiders. 


April 28, 2022

Thousands of civilians have been killed because the UK/U.S. are pouring weapons into Ukraine, after carefully setting up the conflict

But the possibility of nuking one weapons shipment to end the conflict is something the UK/U.S. does not want. 

Once nukes are back in fashion civilians will not die on behalf of country club generals thousands of miles away. 


It slowly becomes clear why Elon Musk gets so much mainstream support from the same people who are gradually pushing the West into a police state 


"“We haven’t heard much from low- and middle-income countries just yet." 

Hmmm, a person begins to suspect the article might be a prank.

"One theory going around is COVID-19 lockdowns may have weakened children’s immunity, because they were less exposed to common pathogens while in isolation."

Or another confusing effort to market new vaccines or drugs.



"Fears of Widening War as Russia Issues New Warnings" 

The UK/U.S. has spent literally billions of dollars in the last several years to destabilize the area around Russia, including direct military training by the CIA of militia types. 

The U.S. is a bit clueless, but the UK knows what it needs, and it is not peace. The top U.S. leadership has been so dumbed down that listening to U.S. leaders talk about Ukraine is like waking up in a retard factory.

Now that the UK is going to get the war it has spent billions of U.S. dollars and thousands of Ukrainian lives on, "Fears of Widening War as Russia Issues New Warnings".

Imagine that.


April 27, 2022

In the U.S., information is dumbed down and stupidity is encouraged, even enforced

Here is an interesting Chinese website which may or may not represent the norm, but is a sharp contrast to Western news sites whether a person agrees with their analyses or not. 

April 26, 2022

Oil is long overdue for a major crash, but a lot, but not all, of big players are out of the loop 


Drinking water when you have a heart attack actually does what aspirin was supposed to do 

But water is free and no highly paid person wants to recommend it.


When the U.S. gets to the wire, missing food will correlate directly to internal unrest 

Anybody can guess at the math, but every missing hundred pounds of food will probably equate to several more aggressive urban rioters. 

Very simple way to head off problems to some extent is a high target inflation rate and universal basic income. That won't replace commodities but it will distribute them in a less hazardous way.


People in places like Israel should be very concerned about how the Israeli population is being managed 


Past recessions have arguably been caused by governments preparing to limit problems

This upcoming recession will be the first one in U.S. history caused by actual supply side problems. 


Quite a lot of evidence that the UK/U.S. has been trying to provoke a nuclear response from Russia 

A long string of efforts to compartmentalize economies, starting with Trump's trade efforts with China, but extending across administrations.

The best way to do that would be to draw Russia, as opposed to China, into a brief nuclear exchange.

Russia is not bluffing, but the West is.

At some point Russia, Putin or Lavrov, will probably contact somebody at the top of the U.S. and tell them that they will launch a limited nuclear strike against a trivial target in Western Europe, which is what the UK/U.S. wants.

If the Russians are smart about public perception they will also make a low key public announcement explaining their position.

Once something like that happens the U.S. will need to start ramping up internal security so there will likely be some domestic pretext for expanding police powers.


Russia has a long history, including up to the present day, of promoting multipolar power and federativeness 

Weakening Russia means weakening the rest of the non Chinese melting pot, including the U.S.

This so called 'strategy' reeks of a British ploy to have the U.S. pay the UK's bills as the British make a desperate shift to the Pacific which will not succeed.


Radon disperses easily in a place like a school 

But students are exposed to a lot of unique chemicals from various sources that most people are not.

Quite a few schools have these brain cancer clusters.


The UK/U.S. has made it clear they are eager to sacrifice as many Ukrainian lives as necessary to give the UK a few more years or months of life

When Japan realizes they may be the first Asian Ukraine it will unsettle them. 

April 25, 2022

A lot of long ago plane crashes will be investigated from new angles as global power decentralizes 


A person Googles "Ukraine on Fire" which is an Oliver Stone movie portraying the common overseas view of Ukraine 

Then switch to the video tab, and the first full length video Google shows is a Netflix propaganda piece aimed at deceiving Western audiences 

At some point U.S. propagandists will figure out what they are actually doing.

The video that Google is helping the U.S. government hide is available on 


As the 'Prostitute Archetype' continues being projected onto the global melting pot, Ukraine remains in 'price discovery' mode 

It's clients must either pay ever increasing amounts or fragment.

Because China knows the long game through centuries of experience it will let the UK enjoy itself until the pimp slot is profitable again.

Is there a possibility that, at some point, Britain will find 'the right kind of transaction' and resume control of the melting pot?

There isn't. Remember the Soviet Union which was sold to the public as a new economic system when all it really did was shift the competing face of the global melting pot a little Westward from China. When the Soviet Union broke up there was still no effective federation among indigenous nations in the new world, and no real way for Europeans to exterminate the entire new world indigenous population. So Europeans i.e., the United States, started their usual fraud of creating a facade of what would give them survivability, but without allowing the reality of indigenous sovereignty. China was able to hold onto its relative status, and will continue, until new world indigenous populations are exterminated or federate adequately. But as the U.S. gets weaker it is not likely to cede power to its victims. Every conqueror or colonizer which does not quickly exterminate its victims is required to pretend a game in which they offer some abstract 'higher benefit' which is utter fiction. In the USSR it was equality and fairness that was promised with the opposite delivered. In the United States and other aspects of the British face of the global melting pot it is similar trickery involving democracy, liberty, parliamentarianism etc.


April 24, 2022


"Blinken and Austin meet with Zelensky in Kyiv Munich" 


"But according to the source, this time since the current petition is digital and not on paper, making it harder for the authorities to control its circulation........." 

 ".....but easier to find and imprison them, which is why it was created"


Interesting developing news in Yemen looks like an extension of the flailing Abraham Accords fraud 

A few years ago this. 

Abraham Accords several months later. 

Yemen has a lot of history in the region.

"The Hamidaddin royalists were supported by Saudi Arabia, Britain, and Jordan (mostly with weapons and financial aid, but also with small military forces), whilst the military rebels were backed by Egypt. Egypt provided the rebels with weapons and financial assistance, but also sent a large military force to participate in the fighting. Israel covertly supplied weapons to the royalists to keep the Egyptian military busy in Yemen and make Nasser less likely to initiate a conflict in the Sinai. After six years of civil war, the military rebels were victorious (February 1968) and formed the Yemen Arab Republic."

"British Army's counter-insurgency campaign in the British-controlled territories of South Arabia, 1967"

"The revolution in the north coincided with the Aden Emergency, which hastened the end of British rule in the south. On 30 November 1967, the state of South Yemen was formed, comprising Aden and the former Protectorate of South Arabia. This socialist state was later officially known as the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen and a programme of nationalisation was begun."

"Relations between the two Yemeni states fluctuated between peaceful and hostile. The South was supported by the Eastern bloc. The North, however, was not able to get the same connections. In 1972, the two states fought a war. The war was resolved with a ceasefire and negotiations brokered by the Arab League, where it was declared that unification would eventually occur. In 1978, Ali Abdullah Saleh was named as president of the Yemen Arab Republic. After the war, the North complained about the South's help from foreign countries. This included Saudi Arabia."

"In 1979, fresh fighting between the two states resumed and efforts were renewed to bring about unification."

'Thousands were killed in 1986 in the South Yemen Civil War. President Ali Nasser Muhammad fled to the north and was later sentenced to death for treason. A new government formed."

All sorts of fictions are dreamt up to explain what each side is doing, but the truth is that it's simply the usual 'melting pot vs indigenous' conflict, with all external powers on one side, and local indigenous forces on the other.

The 'Abraham Accords' are, depending on your view, either a last ditch try to consolidate the global melting pot in one direction, or a continuation of efforts to consolidate it in the other direction, in other words either a globalist scam against one part of the melting pot, or a globalist scam against another part.

 Egypt and Jordan are puppet states which will topple in the slightest breeze from a certain direction, and luring Sanaa into a fictional orbit involving those two states is a running joke somewhere.


April 22, 2022

Internet Mysteries

CNN has a story "Two Russian oligarchs and their families found dead within 24 hours 

Looking for more info, a person Googles "Russian gas executives suicide" and Google provides about 40 results, including

 "Captains of digital industry look to take the helm in Alberta" 

 And lots more stories from

But only five articles, four from British media, on the story.

Google frequently provides search results which make no sense whatever.


The 'new economics' being used to prop up the dollar, and the Yen til now, has to be figured out at some point 

It looks like a simple case of using 'invisible trillionaires', like the U.S. federal reserve and the bank of Japan, to shuffle money around, but there has to be an explanation of why other countries and currencies are not able to manage this trick except in cooperation with the dollar.


Another food supply fire 

Looking at Google Maps the General Mills plant is close to the runway. 

That video says that police initially said the plane was taking off. Then FlightAware said that the plane was landing.

The fact that somebody heard the engine sputtering would be very significant if FlightAware is accurate. It wouldn't be that unusual for a plane to sputter after takeoff, but having finished a long flight then losing power a thousand feet from the landing runway would be suspicious.

"But flight data from FlightAware shows the pilot took off from Dahlonega, which is 80 miles north of Covington."

"As the plane’s pilot approached the airport, it appeared to align with the runway but then flew passed it before crashing."

"The 1973 plane is registered to a company based in New Mexico, but the owner of that company said they recently sold the plane. They would not say who they sold it to."

"According to FlightAware, someone flew the plane from New Mexico to north Georgia on Wednesday." 

What would be a plausible explanation if the fires are related? 

Using food as a weapon, if food supplies can be reduced as the U.S. slides into a recession, it will be extreme chaos in urban areas, forcing an acceleration of the U.S. transformation into the new U.S.S.R.

The plane crash could have been easily arranged. A good high school science student could arrange remote control of an airplane if he or she had lots of money for gadgets and access to the plane. For two or three trained people working for a government it would be an afternoon's work.

The U.S. has alienated a lot of its sources of fertilizer and food by its aggressive sanctioning. The end point is obvious enough that a person has to suspect a significant part of U.S. government resources are going into the perfect set up to destroy the United States, in other words a sort of internal sabotage.

Until there are stable sovereign tribal territories, and whatever infrastructure those tribes need to operate independently, the U.S. will become easier and easier to crash. At this point it would only take a mild effort by Russia and China to collapse the United States within two or three years. If that doesn't happen, a very wealthy person, or a small country, will be able to do it in a few years.


Maybe it's not rare earths but fertilizer that will bankrupt and starve people soon 


It's been widely known, for a long time, that most or all audio programs are used by the U.S. government to spy

A few years ago one of these spy programs accidentally left plain text spying files. That incident was never plausibly explained, because it was so blatant and there was no real way to pretend it was anything other than spying.

Now another incident. 

The pretext of government spying is that it is used to catch criminals.

The truth is that the vast majority of government spying is used for much less benign purposes.

The keys to all of the spying tools are not with any organization which is trying to reduce or solve any crime, rather they are with some of the worst criminals who hide themselves behind expensive clothes and high paying 'official' jobs.


April 21, 2022

What looks like a statistically significant number of recent fires involving food storage 

Would be hard to come up with a rational motive if it's all arson, but food supplies are likely to decline anyway soon. 


Propaganda in the United States has become dizzying

A necessary part of melting pot consolidation involves creating a new national identity and constructing 'something' as that identity. The United States has failed abysmally in this, and will ultimately fracture until identities are local enough that there is some basis in reality for them.

Most people in the United States have no clue why Russia invaded Ukraine, and all mainstream media is trying to keep it that way.

"Kristen Soltis Anderson: Is there anything in particular that you have seen, read, or heard about the war that has stayed with you and stuck in your memory? James?"

"James: With Putin being the bully that he is, I think it was kind of allowed. I don’t see the United Nations carrying their weight in this issue. I’m ex-military as well. And I don’t see them stepping to the plate. The players that are supposed to play with this guy, Putin, they’re standing down, for some reason."

"Aleeta: I listen to N.P.R. And they mentioned that so far it’s been 183 children who have been killed and that they are attacking orphanages and maternity wards. I think that kind of just completely obliterated my faith in humanity."

"Yara Bayoumy: Based on what you’ve seen, read, or heard, why do you think this war is happening?"

"Nick: Putin saw Ukraine as some sort of threat in their border relations. And that’s why they decided to get involved, because they didn’t want to kind of stand back any longer. Something that I read or heard, I just saw a video clip of a missile strike and, yeah, just the damage that it caused. And I play video games occasionally with my friends. And we have these war games that a lot of the youth are a part of. And they don’t really take it very seriously. But that just really opened my eyes to, wow, these are really big problems in the world. People are dying. Destruction’s happening. And we’re just kind of sitting back, so."

"Karina: Honestly, I think a lot of it has to do with just Putin and his ego. I think he wants to conquer another country. And I think he surrounds himself with people that let him keep thinking that about himself. He’s a madman." 



April 20, 2022

A smart girl tries to push Lavrov in a good direction 

Lavrov, and Russia, are in a strong position, but they have no understanding about how propaganda works.


At some point the Russians are going to figure it out

The U.S. and UK are in a massive ground war with Russia, but they don't have to worry about any UK/U.S. troops being killed, and they don't even have to worry about paying the soldiers who are dying for them. 


"hereinafter referred to as the "3.21" accident" / via Google Translate

As with the Ukraine invasion, there is an obvious heavy handed effort to keep Westerners in the dark about sentiment in other countries. 


When somebody's main qualification as an expert is "they support us", enforced ignorance is safe 

Willingness to pretend, though, won't make him less valuable when he is captured


Now, evidence emerging that the Yen collapse, which Tokyo pretended to be surprised by, was engineered in Tokyo/Washington 

More evidence is in the JPYUSD charts which show the biggest trader was controlling technicals during the slide


As China and Britain argue over who should own less militarized blackish people, the real Nato conflict quietly simmers 


"a marked uptick in interest from nuclear utilities seeking long-term uranium supply" 

April 19, 2022

Turkey pretends to have conflicting loyalties, but when the U.S. dollar starts to drop and burn, Turkey will be there, with gasoline 


U.S. sanctions have been in the news a lot lately

2012 "Time magazine listed Bensouda among the 100 most influential people in the world in its annual Time 100 issue, noting her role as a "leading voice pressing governments to support the quest for justice"." 

2019 "The US State Department revoked Bensouda's visa in early April. The Guardian reported that the visa withdrawal seemed to be the fulfillment of a threat from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to prevent ICC personnel from investigating whether U.S. servicemen or U.S. officials engaged in war crimes in Afghanistan, Poland, Romania and Lithuania." 

Last year 



The United States killed Saudis, within Saudi Arabia, at least up to the 1980s, as a favor to the royal family

One of those killings, an elaborately arranged helicopter crash in the late 70s or early 80s, got a lot of publicity but is hard to find on the internet now.

It's good the U.S. is not specifically supporting the murder of Khashoggi, but it's very unlikely the motive has to do with U.S. dislike for killing Saudi dissidents. 

At some point data will leak involving U.S. activity in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.


Next years documentary movies are today's 'page two' news articles

After the United States left Afghanistan it took aggressive measures to sabotage Afghanistan's economy. 

Incredibly, Google is at the forefront of hiding history yet again. Shortly after the U.S. pulled out there were lots of articles saying that the U.S. was withholding Afghanistan's overseas reserves and was sabotaging the post exit economy.

Now, 4/19/2022, if you Google 'u.s. sabotage afghanistan economy' without quotes there are 30 results, and most are pro U.S. 


Europe is electing defensive leaders, other interests are afraid of the direction voters in Europe are going

The headline "Europe fears a possible Le Pen presidency in France as a threat from within" shows how blatant propaganda in the U.S. is.

Obviously European voters are not afraid of who they themselves are voting for. 


As British leaders start noticing how extended they are, they will slow down and try to secure their homeland, could be a while though. 


For decades the United States used every available tool to promote violence in Latin America, largely targeting indigenous populations

The gunwalking scandal exposed part of that project, and the U.S. is still trying to hide/change details of its operations. 

In Mexico though, the winds may have permanently shifted. 


Small Modular Reactors are heating up in the background

"As a member of the SMR Working Group, Dr. Totemeier participates in targeted briefings on relevant U.S. and European government activities and policies and will be provided information on export opportunities for prospective SMR markets in Europe 


April 17, 2022

While all eyes are on Ukraine, the real war is getting set up.

"About 320 U.S. Marines stationed in Okinawa Prefecture took part in the exercise. It is scheduled to last until April 27 at the Ground Self-Defense Force Hijiudai training site and involved the use of sophisticated weaponry such as surveillance drones and the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) for the first time."

"It ranked among the largest drills ever held at the site, which straddles the municipalities of Yufuin, Kusu and Kokonoe in the prefecture."