Extremely unlikely



Legal and medical 'authorities' use all kinds of stupidity to force transfer of parental powers to short term political constructs

It has never been a smart strategy, and is not becoming one.



Imagine that

"Construction of American facilities at those locations has been underway for years but has been hampered by unspecified local issues"



The English word 'governance' is rapidly becoming a synonym for 'organized corruption'


Notice that a short seller with the public's ear can make money on anything, it is a wide open niche.

Most of the criticisms Hindenburg uses are applicable to most U.S. and Indian companies, and the biggest criticism seems to be that Adani is overleveraged.

That Hindenburg report looks like an example of somebody drawing a conclusion about a potential competitor or target then investing in their own conclusion. In the current global economy it's likely that overleveraged entities will fare better than those that bet on stable currency values.



The bigger story is that India's 'English language' sector is being sabotaged, instinctively, by its former colonizers, while their competitors consolidate.

China and Russia do not have to retreat somewhere to escape from recent colonial intrusions, thus they are in the process of landing on their feet, and as commodity demand expands it would be hard to find a more powerful synergy between countries.


The new NYPD scam is the same as the old NYPD scam


A crooked cop. The DA does not want to prosecute, but media is watching. So the prosecutor is tasked with bungling the case enough so it can't be prosecuted.

Instead of potentially hundreds of years in jail the crooked cop only has to pay a few hundred thousand dollars.


Police lied about almost every aspect of a raid


Then somebody made a Wikipedia page, and days later Wikipedia wants to delete the page?

"This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy"




And then there's the double amputee who was shot by police because he was crawling away from them on his arms?

Are the police telling the truth about him throwing a knife, and how would that justify shooting?



Til now, gravity waves and public key cryptography were the biggest frauds in modern science 




"Officials said a 400′x50′ chicken coop was lost" 

 Roughly 20,000 square feet.

"The Connecticut Department of Agriculture estimated that about 100,000 egg-laying hens were killed"


Now happier chickens.


Opaque efforts by UK/U.S./Europe/etc to backdoor 'intellectual property rights' into legitimacy as a concept are self sabotaging and moronic



For a long time, simpler people were deceived by silliness about capitalism vs communism


New 'false dichotomies' spring up constantly, but at some point there must be some main stream outlets willing to portray things accurately.

Or not.


A bright boy seems to have infiltrated Nato at the highest level


But Japan ultimately cannot help him.



There are likely to be radiation false flags over the next few decades to distract people from more dangerous weapons

A small amount of Cesium 137 looks like it would be a good candidate 






Amazon has at least four pages selling the "Powderburns" book but all of the pages return the error "We're sorry, an error has occurred. Please reload this page and try again."


1998 https://www.copvcia.com/free/ciadrugs/contra1.html 

2006 Celerino Castillo exposes CIA agents smuggling drugs etc https://web.archive.org/web/20060707121648/http://www.powderburns.org/felix.html 

2008 "In March 2008, Celerino Castillo was arrested for selling firearms without a permit (selling legally-purchased weapons without a firearms-dealer permit)"

Kind of explains why there has not been one person in the entire justice department willing to prosecute Felix Rodriguez for the torture/murder of Kiki Camarena despite there being more evidence than in almost any other murder case. Witnesses, audio, confessions, and much more.

Notice too his possible connection to a similar scandal, one which has still not been unraveled by any major media.



That "Fast and Furious" fiasco is very similar to Iran Contra in that it had a progression of 'possible scandals', each designed to diffuse interest and hide the origin and purpose, a signature of a certain type of project.

Within a few decades somebody will look again at the 'Gunwalking' scandal and realize it was actually not what it appeared.

Normally a lot of people would solve something like this by saying "Ask Jesus".


But in this case he only unwraps one more layer on the onion.


So the rest of us will have to wait decades for a competent journalist.



'People in 2006 seem to have been smarter than people today

FELIX is in no way, shape, or form, an American PATRIOT. If any thing, he is considered, the bastard child of our intelligence community, along with his friend Luis POSADA Carriles 



As many mass shootings as there are


There probably won't be a noticeable demographic effect until the government gets more involved.



If they really cared they would issue two arrest warrants

The darkly funny progression of melting pot psychology.


When psychology was deviated to serve the colonial melting pot it began cascading into a progression of worse and worse consequences.

And now the first step on the path to solving parental murder of children is an arrest warrant.

Very, very unlikely that the second step of "We just want to help you" will end less worse.

This case is incredibly loaded with symbols that could be used productively to learn about that sort of thing, but there is no interest in anything aside from people tripping over each other to prove they are in charge and working on a solution with their agency.


Joe Arpaio has been one of the best symbols of the melting pot




The consummate jackass who uses gangs and force to build himself up into a sort of prince, he is an example that almost all government employees in the United States will track or 'follow' closely.

Their goal is to create a prisoner population which will their underlings, a parallel of the broader colonial strategy, but much more doomed.



Bizarre that people still are not factoring in inflation


There is no explanation, aside from the tendency of people to hold 'proprietary' information close to their vest.

Every investor who is responsible for a lot of money knows that inflation will hit the stock market eventually, but collectively they act as a gang to avoid that fact spilling into public awareness and limiting their profits.

Individually that would be normal, but when it involves so many people it is a phenomenon.


A Swiss businessman's account? Oh really?


There are still so many unanswered questions from that era.


But it's comforting to know that so few digits are used in Swiss accounts that a typo will send your loot to a random Swiss.


Still very possible that 'cryptocurrency' is a scheme to remove the froth from the dollar economy and keep it alive as the global economy decentralizes


If the market cap of all crypto can be pushed into the tens of trillions of usd before most people realize that public key cryptography is a scam then it will allow any government to encourage a specific sector of its economy, or group of investors like institutions, to pay the price for past deficit spending by that government.

In the United States this would be consistent with other pressures coming from the UK to sacrifice one aspect of the U.S.

One way to time that would be to watch UK and Australian projects which are positioning themselves for the exposure of the pkc fraud under guise of preparing for 'quantum computing'.

A wildcard involves India since China already has signaled its awareness of pkc fraud.

China will pounce probably with another corruption housecleaning designed to push foreign elements of the consortium into a weaker position.

Because of India's wealth of indigenous societies their relationship to how the scam ends will be important.

At this point only British companies are visibly preparing but it is a safe bet Chinese state companies are too.

Because India is drifting to 'nationalistic Hinduism' they may be dramatically weakened which would help the British and Chinese longterm.


Another example of deceptions that are becoming more transparent

Although the physical market for gold and silver is distributed globally, most wholesale OTC trades are cleared through London. The average daily volume of gold and silver cleared at the LBMA auctions in May 2019 was 18.6 million troy ounces (2965 transfers, worth $23.9 billion) and 211.8 million troy ounces (978 transfers, worth $3.1 billion) respectively.

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has claimed that clearing data substantially understates the true amount of gold traded due to the netting of trades in the calculation of Clearing Statistics. 



 Much more likely that the LBMA has been exaggerating trades than understating them. One way of exaggerating volumes is to present them as 'probably understated'.

At any rate interesting that silver $ trading value is more than 10% gold's.


A person could also point out that for years a lot of people watched massive spreads in Bitcoin between for example btc/jpy and btc/usd, but could not profit from the spreads easily because of currency restrictions.

Sam Bankman Fried made a fortune arbitraging bitcoin because he or his previous company was not subject to the same controls.

So if you are powerful enough you literally are handed money that careful restrictions prevent regular people from getting.

Elaborate frauds like Britain's manipulation of metals markets are the same thing on a national scale.


Another brewing 'Cambridge Analytica" type scandal

There is a specific type of scandal that pops up every now and then. One example was Cambridge Analytica. Another example that never made much news was a group of senior FBI agents trying to muscle into politics just before Trump was elected.

This latest example has abundant fingerprints of employees of 'some unknown federal agency' who are pretending, amongst themselves, to be rescuing the United States from whatever unknown threat.


The group shows a very cloistered leadership with extensive federal government links, though trying to pass as a local group.



They use very high value employees that they have been cultivating for a long time.

"LaSalle served as an assistant district attorney in the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office from 1993 to 1998 and as deputy bureau chief of the office's Special Investigation Bureau from 2002 to 2008" 


This particular group is an excellent example of colonial forces using what is called on this website "Worldview Science".

Whatever their ambitions, they are short bus slow learners and most closely resemble Dick Cheney and his strategy circa pre Iraq invasion.

At some point they will get a bunch of publicity and be 'fake exposed' as the toy of some billionaire or pac to hide their government agency links.


The core value of the melting pot is intrusiveness or 'the right to rape'


 All colonial societies are built around this core, and in modern colonized areas the most common cover is "we want to help you, but you have to let us intrude".

 When colonized societies were fully consumed, thousands of years ago, any pretext or cover would work, but today every cover or pretext that is used will unravel eventually, as long as some bit of the victim group remains.

In cases like this video i.e., European vs European or a mixed group vs a weaker individual corresponding to part of the attacker mix, the next step is more overt trouble within the same group.


The 'melting pot psychology' ledge is getting wobblier by the moment


Five black cops beat a black person to death.

The European side of the melting pot wants to create a narrative within the 'colonial psychiatry' paradigm about five deficient blacks.

But the truth is that they were role playing, and the role they were playing is not understandable within 'colonial psychiatry' except by walking everybody further and further in the wrong direction.


It's becoming very easy for individuals to identify 'ideological clades' among 'news sites'


Most British government sites have been an open secret for a long time, but the pox is spreading.


An interesting, but common, attempt to use analytical and behavioral psychologies to control the crash



A helpful infomercial?


That infomercial is intended to sell a product, but it also contains useful information.

When the internet was beginning, Adobe was a company that overtly did unethical sneaky things on behalf of the U.S. government. Little effort was made to hide its intrusiveness and origin.

As maliciousness develops a person has to adjust their view. The 'Adobe' connection referred to in the infomercial actually has the same origin, but its target has been updated to reflect a motive discussed many times already on this website.


Polar bears

"Earlier this season, an Eskimo walrus hunter shot and killed an approaching polar bear in self-defense in the village of Wainwright, up the coast from Point Lay, Batten said"

1990 https://www.upi.com/Archives/1990/12/09/Polar-bear-kills-man/2320660718800/ 

~1993 Two or three years after that three polar bears were in the water on East beach in Nome, and one of them was shot and killed. A year or two later remnants of a polar bear body were for sale in a tourist shop in Nome.

2023 https://news.yahoo.com/pictures-released-mother-killed-baby-120957030.html 

An interesting European twist, a second colonial failing wave.

"Troopers didn’t specify why ADF&G rather than U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency managing polar bears, was called to respond"





There is much more to that series of events, an historian will write about in the future.


A lot of interesting aspects in developing events on the West coast


But the arrest at the beginning of that video sums up the official response. Camera crews standing by as the elderly suspect surrenders yet police still try to pretend they are making a heroic capture at great risk to themselves.


Things seem on track to heat up within the next few years hmmm








What's missing is some kind of rally cry event that will sound good to Western audiences, like "9/11" or "Black Tuesday".

At this point if Europe cannot guess what is next the British deserve whatever prize they are seeking.


Another white van with obvious symbolism, but mysteriously windowless





Should a person wonder what the truth is?

January 17, 2023 https://www.fmprc.gov.cn/mfa_eng/xwfw_665399/s2510_665401/202301/t20230117_11010202.html 

CCTV: "Syria’s official news agency SANA reported that on January 14 local time, US occupation forces used a convoy of 53 tankers to transport looted oil from Syria’s Hasakah province to their bases in Iraq. Do you have any comment?"

Wang Wenbin: "We are struck by the blatancy and egregiousness of the US’s plundering of Syria. According to Syrian government data, in the first half of 2022, over 80% of Syria’s daily oil output was smuggled out of the country by US occupation troops. Earlier this month, US forces used 60 tankers and trucks to ship oil and wheat they looted from Syria. Such banditry is aggravating the energy crisis and humanitarian disaster in Syria. The Syrian people’s right to life is being ruthlessly trampled on by the US. With little oil and food to go by, the Syrian people are struggling even harder to get through the bitter winter."

"The level of US greed in stealing resources from Syria is as striking as its “generosity” in giving out military aid often in the amount of billions or even tens of billions dollars. Whether the US gives or takes, it plunges other countries into turmoil and disaster, and the US gets to reap the benefits for its hegemony and other interests. This is the result of the US’s so-called “rules-based order”."

"The US must answer for its oil theft. The Syrian people and the international community deserve an answer. We urge the US to stop trampling on international rule of law and breaking international rules."

January 20, 2023 "‘No life’ in Syrian cities as fuel crisis plunges country into darknesshttps://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2023/01/20/syria-fuel-crisis-oil-iran/ 

Syria is not a major oil country, so if oil is being taken it is not likely a strategic thing.

Two obvious possibilities a) A small scale theft project by some U.S. military types or b) a part of a bigger propaganda project into which the U.S. was walked.

The United States has been built on careful large scale thefts of foreign resources, not on stealing oil tanker truck loads, but there are a lot of former U.S. high level employees who are wealthy from their small 'projects'.

This points to possibly the most important long term strategic difference between China and the UK/AUS/U.S./etc which is that in China a wealthy crook knows there is always the possibility of prosecution while in the UK/etc people without wealth know they could be prosecuted at any time, even without having committed any crime, and the wealthy know they are immune. In the United States one of the most common motivators for 'public service' is the corresponding immunity and impunity it brings. As long as you can pretend you are 'helping others' you can get away with anything.


Wait, what?


"Well, we've all seen the videos now that were shot by surveillance cameras that were set up by a mining company"


Something still not quite right in South Carolina



If the video on Heather Elvis is accurate, and the truck was properly identified, then there was only a 6 minute window when she was with her killer at the boat area. It seems likely that a '6 minute radius' in the water would have been searched which means that she was in the truck when it left.

The Brittannee Drexel case seems to still have substantial problems with the killer's girlfriend i.e., evidence that specific individuals in law enforcement diverted the investigation.

Notice the elaborate camouflage the authorities are throwing up involving the tip that initially pointed them to Raymond Moody.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ4vyvbctCQ ~Notice at 21 min 40 sec the killer references the extraordinary lying skills of the speaker~

Obviously that came from Moody's girlfriend who was with Drexel and Moody before the murder occurred.

So police knew that Drexel and Moody were together when her cellphone stopped working and it was almost certainly interference by somebody in law enforcement which carefully put people off that path.

Now the 'authorities' have to prevent any serious journalists from having access to the killer and his girlfriend until they are both dead.

Watching more of that last video, it is amazing how gullible the public is, and how compliant the media.


There are a lot of problems with the 3/21 crash of Flight 5735 in China

This video discusses the mainstream view that a pilot suicide crashed the plane, but look at the video of the plane which is looped.


The plane clearly descends in an arc indicating loss of power, not misuse of controls.


A controversial politician that lied about almost all his qualifications is now 6th in line to become president of the United States


Other congressmen are calling for increased security for numbers 3, 4 and 5.


No indications of a major ramp up in the conflict, aside from small things


The UK is trying to concentrate 'urban warfare' type small arms around the state of Israel while limiting Israel's access to such weapons, but it still looks like it may be a year or two before they tip their hand publicly.


Jordan's junior king visits Cairo and Yabba Dabba Doo



Very significant news


But what its significance is remains a mystery.


Recent news articles have suggested inflation will moderate, and policy makers are pretending along that line


But the simple truth is that even in the best circumstances inflation in the U.S. would need to be in the double digits for decades to save the dollar as a currency that other countries might use.


Til now it has been a mystery why certain people see a conspiracy of importance around FTX

Having looked at LedgerX shortly after it began, that mystery is cleared up.

Sloppy tradecraft.



The White Van page has an overview of the general symbolism of white vans and related vehicles

Industrialized people create artificial 'animals' to project diseases onto others, an individual will try to 'cure' their own disease by 'throwing' it to others, a variation of 'musical chairs, for example by 'creating' or using a white van or similar vehicle.

One refinement specifically of that symbol involves how it is deteriorating, and an example is the difference between users of windowed vs windowless white vans.


White vans initially became widespread 'industrial projection pseudo animals' through their use by hidden police units. An opportunity for females, broadly, to project what they perceived as 'their' powerful male side. Weaker males would then use the same 'animal' to project an even unhealthier contrived, 'gang' aspect of their own subconscious sides.

Then other vehicles, similar to white vans, began being used by 'group males' i.e., very unhealthy unindividuated males, to 'cement' their masculine identities.

As 'the white van' deteriorates its weaker derivatives will follow until at some point a new survivable version of 'neo Luddite' philosophy develops among survivors or 'past victims' of these unsurvivable whitevanners. At that point the relevance specifically of white vans will only be anecdotal but until then it is an interesting gauge to watch.

Notice the very pro industrial corporate slant on these Wikipedia pages.



In the much longer term whether or not industrialized societies survive will depend entirely on whether there is a reservoir of non industrialized societies to provide a path back to real survivability.


Media Curveball

One of the big mysteries in the developing situation is a website called Middle East Eye.

They clearly have access to a higher level of strategy than most people are aware of, and cover certain issues in a nuanced way that is outside the perceptual realm of individuals within certain powerful groups.

Some things completely apart from that website, though, are cleared up by looking at affiliations of its writers.






The United States has evidently sent special police training units to Peru


To teach police there how to fake injuries after protestors are killed.


Utah is an example of competing pressures in urban development

Political leaders there want to reduce the number of 'low income individuals', but they also want to get re elected.

Several homeless people a day freeze to death in Utah. Most of them are poor so it isn't considered a problem, but it is still a political issue.




Local business people are contorting bizarrely to arrange a solution that does not actually involve any zoning changes designed to allow housing for less well off people, but does shuffle money in a confusing enough way that developers can profit.


A fully functional house that can withstand any storm can be built easily from a $3,000 shipping container, but it's illegal to do that in most places unless you spend tens of thousands of dollars on decorations.


Calls for European police to receive heavier weaponry after French police are forced to use BB guns to shoot somebody

"Darmanin said the attacker's weapon was "not a knife" but likely a homemade weapon. He said the suspect was reported not to have said anything during the assault and that investigators have not discovered any extremist links." 


The French Parliament will meet next week to decide whether National Health Insurance will be extended to former colonial subjects, and be used to pay for the attacker's medical bills.


Condoleezza Rice has kicked off her Vice Presidential bid


No word yet on which oil company executive she will choose as president.


A Korean Covid vaccine investigation looks like it should be news


But maybe journalists are still trying to figure out if that is Jeffrey Epstein with Bill Gates in Korea a few months ago.




An interesting female example of the male tribals referred to on the 'Marsupial' and 'Neanderthal' pages



One site refers to her as an 'Israeli spy',


and that could be, but more interestingly she is an almost perfect example of the female descendent of a male lineage which is overextended and facing survival issues.

In most places women in that position learn to speak quietly until they have a male child and the threat is postponed temporarily.

The solution for people in that situation, i.e., at a precarious developmental stage in a melting pot focused on consolidation, is not further expansion as a group or an ideology, but consolidation.

Here is a video that makes clear the people around her, and her lack of even basic independence within that group.





When a police officer is charged with lying to investigators you know you are in a no nonsense law enforcement town



A lot of people have been wondering about expiration dates on barbiturates and amphetamines

What if you buy a gram of meth and the dealer has given you 10% off because it is expired.

Is it still safe to use?

Turns out the government is researching this issue.



Uh, because Mordechai Goldstein wasn't available?




Obviously a Russian former employee of The Onion has infiltrated the Estate Department.


The Moscow mass murderer may have been mocking modern research styles


If he had no connections to the victims


And he was stalking them


and he was researching crime on sleuthing sites


He was probably trying to create a crime that could not be connected to him so he could 'research' it up close.

Which is kind of ironic because he was doing almost the same thing as most of the people involved in the case i.e., using broader society to camouflage his acting out the darker side of human nature.


Bitcoin appears to have finally touched long term support versus Japan Yen, which is probably significant

Always possible more surprises though.


"Former Chief Deputy Attorney General and Candidate for Nevada State Supreme Court" arrested in a cold case murder several months ago and almost no news coverage of it?


He is a fairly minor legal character.



But note the low number of his state license.



Obvious implications



Some time after public awareness of 'newer' electro magnetic type weapons develops, but before knowledge of newer Asian weapons develops, there will almost certainly be a shift in the west from 'foreign adversaries' to domestic, with the use of these weapons directed at civilian targets, whether domestic or foreign civilians.


Won't age well



A lot of news websites believe police surveillance could be wound down or might decrease with their efforts



As this website has pointed out on many pages, the deterioration of European based colonized areas, including 'police state surveillance' type issues, will not begin to decline until there are fully sovereign indigenous territories within the Western most parts of the colonized new world.

Many people and sites have referred to this but this website was probably one of the first to point it out in detail.


There is an 'Overplayed' section on the website, somewhere


This will be moved there at some point.


Syria/Turkey could be one of the biggest stories in recent years, at least equivalent to Ukraine


Russia's 'denazification' theme will soon have a solid global foundation.

If things proceed then the longer term would see Russia and China waiting for further destabilization in Europe, before Arab troops would be used there.

As things are now the oil consortium has enough control of the U.S. government that the Russians can control almost all the pieces on the chessboard, but at the end of it all China will owe a debt to Russia that is almost unquantifiable.


Waiting for details




Kohberger mysteries

One of several mysteries around the four college students killed, involves another killing at Washington State University.

Video has been pushed widely which shows Kohberger being pulled over and saying something about a mass shooting.

The shooting involves a person named Brent Kopacka who appears to have flipped out on campus, and then been killed by a swat person.

One of the first oddities a person might notice is that there are no Google search results referring to that shooting which do not include references to Kohberger. An extension of this is that it is difficult to find his name except by clicking through a progression of searches.

It looks like Google's algorithm is discouraging searches on that topic, but has not yet gone as far as limiting the visibility of results. That could be due to some social media aspect before the shooting.

His Youtube channel has a playlist with 17 videos. The first video is called "I'm Sorry", and the name of the playlist is "Not Sorry". That was updated quite some time ago but he probably has other social media footprints that are being removed.






Advances in technology leads to yet another unfilled position in law enforcement

"Kohberger had mentioned that he was interested in becoming a police officer or going into the security industry" 



A new branch of physics, or a new branch of government?

At first glance high entropy alloys look like an amazing discovery that has been sitting around waiting to be made.





But there's an obvious problem.

The current 'record breaking' alloy only has three elements and they are three of among the first elements that would be tested.

So, it's virtually certain that 'somebody' has tested this combination already, for these qualities, especially considering the obvious military applications, a long long time ago.

The explanation given of why these qualities of this alloy were not noticed til now are not credible, and further, the timing of the 'discovery', just as certain classes of weapons are about to be manufactured in higher quantities, is a little too coincidental. Once manufacturing begins, alloy properties will be public.

People want to believe that there is a benevolent group of 'people in government' who withhold information for a greater good, but the truth is that there are a) gangs who withhold information from the public, including 'proprietary' science, for their own benefits and the benefit of their group, and b) the happy retard apparatchiks who work at lower levels of government, and c) the public.

Just as with bioweapons, vast areas of physics are considered proprietary to agencies, and vast complicated wars are developing that are completely hidden from the public. The only thing that can be said for sure about the outcome is that anything west of eastern Europe will be on the wrong side.

The modern 'happy retard' government 'servant class', alluded to on other pages regarding 'mafia storefront' projects, naive government employees, patriotic types, melting pot nationalists, etc, are the livestock being fattened up.


Rotsaruck with that

BLM dingbats have been trying to expand their dollhouse.



It all looks so inspirational, as long as you are utterly retarded.


"Show all 138 authors"


The Rasmussen tribe in Pakistan is slowly realizing that caste systems are not in its favor so adaptations are needed.





Funny or Sad?

Many people have still not figured out the truth about where their own weapons will be used.



Like buying bitcoin at a penny, for centuries

"Gao and his colleagues concluded that voluntary restrictions on border openings made historical sense, despite contributing to China’s decline because its rulers refused to accept advanced Western technology and weaponry" 



It's pretty pathetic that many mainstream U.S. sites install malicious software, run up cpu to 100% and crash Chrome, but 'other' mainstream sites generally do not



Indigenous Amerindian children kidnapped by the French government, and placed in Christian homes where they were forced to forget their language?

 At 5 minutes 10 seconds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jetObTpoWrM 

A pattern emerges.

As of 1/3/22 there are only 14 Google results of you search the phrase scandale des "Home amérindiens".

From what I can make out of the primitive language, the guy says something like "A lot of women have reported that if they spoke their language they were locked in dark rooms for hours, or forced to eat food with *glass? or *worms? in it", not sure about which word he is saying, "or forced to eat rotten fruit".


When the U.S. Department of Ridiculous Sentences speaks, its victims often listen


The idea that a secondary character in a financial crime can be sentenced to 110 years is silly, especially considering that if one of the people involved in the prosecution were to commit a murder, he or she would likely get less than 10% of that sentence.

Their victim in this case probably did not know and/or understand that the specific things were grossly illegal, but one of the skillsets needed in order to work in the legal system involves spinning facts in order to deceive people.

That financial crime is exactly the same as literally thousands of ongoing scams, and much milder than many corporate scams, none of which are of interest unless the runners of the scam misstep and lose money.


An elaborate ruse


Francis Shelden was part of a looseknit network of people associated with a federal project in the 1970s to accelerate and control oil development.

Part of the cover then and now was the ruse of having lower level FBI agents look for him. Obviously that gave his group an easy way to find out what information might threaten them. Bill Allen in Alaska and many others had free reign, and it will probably be a long time until the FBI and other agencies stop throwing up smokescreens to cover misdeeds by now retired or dead people.


Britain clarifies its timeframe '~24 months'


And Russia's cooperation with Britain is better explained


Some articles are full of symbols which are too easy to understand


Sort of like 'some history is too easy to learn'.


Israel has already been set up to take the spyware fall, what could possible follow?


Last month, Iranian hackers leaked footage of the deadly terrorist bombing that had taken place at a bus stop in Jerusalem the previous day. It was lifted from one of many security cameras installed by an Israeli security agency for surveillance purposes. According to the Israeli state broadcaster, Iran gained access to that camera a year ago. Toka’s product is intended for such scenarios, and much more: hacking into a camera network, monitoring its live feed and accessing its archive, and altering them – all without leaving any forensic trace.

Technical documents reviewed by an ethical hacker prove that Toka’s tech can alter both live and recorded video feeds – all without leaving any forensics or telltale signs of a hack (in contrast to NSO’s Pegasus spyware, or Intellexa's Predator, which leave a digital fingerprint on targeted devices).

For Palestinians in the West Bank, the legal situation is totally different, he notes. “Take for example the Blue Wolf facial recognition technology, used by the IDF to keep track of Palestinians. The West Bank is Israel’s defense establishment testing ground – and a scenario in which Toka’s tech is deployed unbeknownst to anyone is simply terrifying.”


Toka’s documents reveal the states with which Toka was in touch: Israel; the U.S.; Germany; Australia; and Singapore, a nondemocratic country. As of last year, talks for deals were also taking place with U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and a U.S. “intelligence” agency.

 Okay, now it's clear.

 Next will be a British report describing how Israel is the only country with the ability to create epidemic viruses.

Followed by Israeli media lapping it up and asking why no Israeli scientists got a Nobel for that.

The answer, of course, will be 'anti semitism'.

One person who could push Israel in a better direction https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Unz



Now that people know what the weapons are they should wonder where the weapons are



Obviously flooding weapons into Eastern Europe is the strategy, and Ukraine is the pretext.

The UK has ambitious plans, and it will be a while until most Americans realize that it may not be what they expect.

At some point in the next few years a lot of people will wish for the old nuclear games.


Extreme difference between filtered social media like Youtube and sites which still have some realtime capability like Twitter



It's only a matter of time until Twitter reverts to limiting 'dangerous' news tweeted by unauthorized people.


"Hamad was born in 1952. His mother died soon after his birth and he was raised by his uncle.[clarification needed][12]

"Hamad was born in 1952. His mother died soon after his birth and he was raised by his uncle whose breastmilk was sour.[clarification completed][12]" 


Wikipedia is a great source of information on many topics, but is largely controlled by a very narrow group whose 'authority' is based on preventing challenges to their authority.

Wonder where they learn that trick.


Aside from the growing use of injectable lip implants in the Arab world,


one of the biggest global tragedies is the lack of public awareness of the difference between industrialized globalized brainwashing, and the virtually unknown concept of actual education.







Finally, a conspiracy theory that resonates with most people, the 'Golden Billion'




Those Vandals

The etymology of the word 'vandal' is pretty widely known.



It's use by part of the melting pot is evolving alongside other things, such as the growing centralization of military 'authority'.

An example is the use of the word to describe certain types of actions against broader melting pot stability.



""It is unknown if there are any motives or if this was a coordinated attack on the power systems," the sheriff’s department said in a statement." 

 Thousands of years ago the use of language, i.e., control, favored the more powerful entity.

Today that dynamic is different and its effects will accelerate until there is some 'critical mass' reached in the public consciousness, a sub topic within the 'button down vulnerabilities' page.

An interview with a person who had a highly refined understanding of this.



December 23, 2022

 Holy Cow

"Nearly 1.5 million homes and businesses were without electricity"


 It is starting to look like China and Russia are going to stretch a bit and postpone theatrics until next winter, but still should be difficult for many.


A lot of people are poorly equipped for power outages even in warm places, and hundreds of thousands without power is serious. Thousands of people at a minimum uncomfortable enough that they wish they had lived independent of the grid.


 December 19, 2022

In melting pots, everybody teaches but nobody learns while in tribal societies, everybody learns but nobody teaches

"Sentenced to 35 years in prison..."


In Most wrongful convictions, including tens of thousands involving people still in prison, there are plenty of people in the legal system, aware of misconduct, who don't say anything.

Dozens of people within the system, judges, lawyers, the prosecutors, etc, are aware of misconduct in the Esar Met case.

After publicity by "Judges for Justice" and a tv show there are many dozens, perhaps hundreds of FBI agents aware of DNA evidence falsified by one of their own.

After publicity by a French journalist there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people within the Texas legal system who are aware that Melissa Lucio is imprisoned for a crime she did not commit.

Just in those three cases there are countless dozens of judges, dozens of FBI agents, dozens of prosecutors, etc, who pretend they are "letting the system work" so they can teach others.


At last check Elon Musk was still segregating 'low social status' accounts, and...

...this website may have criticized him for using his company to give millions of dollars in stock options to people with his same last name, but...

his actions in exposing other things redeems him to some extent.