Pages that may get written

1) Is Britain's core group planning to surprise attack China, using the United States, to accelerate Australia in Asia?

 There have been a lot of indications that Britain's core policy group has been in the process of sacrificing the United States to position Australia as a global leader and ally of China via a very circuitous route. 

In the 1970s and 1980s Taiwan was on par with Japan as the face of Asian technology in the West. Then the UK/U.S. began aggressively reducing Taiwan's status by quietly pushing countries to break relations with Taiwan.

Fast forward to 2021 and China is getting big for its britches and is becoming expansionist again, something the British have dealt with in the past, and even copied.

A lot of hints in media suggest that people around Britain's core group are debating the wisdom of an upcoming attack of some sort which appears to use the United States military as a blunt instrument to shake things up in a way that the UK imagines will leave Australia strategically strengthened.

Britain's strategy appears to be beyond stupid.

2) A new kind of stupid

For decades Israel let itself be the face of the oil consortium, and it got a fair payoff.

Now, though, the payoff is quite different.

The mass of Israelis have been brainwashed for decades into playing along. 

Now, as oil mega profits near their end, the game is completely different. 

3) The top bureaucrat at the pentagon has ordered his investigators to find the leak and plug it. 

Is the next step for the United States to go 'full Assange' on the NYTimes? 

4) 6 years ago the FBI chief's daughter was working as a clerk.


It is extremely unlikely any real witnesses will be called at the trial, and very unlikely Ms Maxwell will spend more than a few weeks in jail after the trial.

It's a very clever setup, but transparent. 

Keep in mind that the fixer who arranges all this is highly paid with public funds.

5) The United States is like a little retarded child being thrown into a pit bull pen because the owners don't feel like buying dogfood 

6) One dose, two doses, three doses 

There seems to be a pattern.

7) In a true democracy voters would be deciding issues like this 

8) Rare Earths Price Change / April 2021 to November 2021

The oil consortium managed to convince people that high oil prices were good.

The rare earth consortium, Australia and China, have much more global clout so they will probably push prices high with little scrutiny.

Massive oil fields around the world were easily hidden by the oil consortium in pre internet days, and still are largely unexposed.

It remains to be seen how the rare earth consortium will hide vast undersea deposits of rare earths.











9) A wealth of material in this plane crash will probably get a page eventually 

10) If bitcoin were actually a currency or a commodity, people who hoarded and tried to corner the market for their personal gain would be hung from street posts 

But since everybody quietly knows it is a massive scam, and the goal is to push it up for the final dump, people go along.

11) One useful thing from NetFlix is in a documentary about a missing German woman, and sums up part of worldview significance 

A person in the documentary says "You only see what you look at, and you only look at what you have in mind."

It seems to be an elaboration of a Goethe quote. 

The original quote could be extended any number of ways, the person in the movie chose one.

For example, for many people a better extension would be " only see what your gang sees."

13) "But what if this shift triggers a market tantrum" 

Nobody knows how the market will react, except those manipulating it.

And they are clearly not the Fed.

14) A lot of strong cases can be made against mainland China's legal system 

But there are serious questions about whether the U.S. legal system is worse.

The United States does not credibly fight corruption within its system, the Chinese do. In China it is common for high ranking officials to be charged with corruption. In the United States it is almost unheard of. Low level police in the United States know they are protected from accountability more than high ranking Chinese officials.

The United States has far more factually innocent people incarcerated than China. In China if a person is shown to be not guilty they are released. In the United States almost every single 'exoneration' is resisted by 'authorities' no matter how strong the exonerating evidence.

Here is an example of a strange custom in the United States. 

Police can seize anybody's money by pretending the person is a drug dealer.

Are there drug dealers in the United States? Of course.

When the police say 'We caught a drug dealer so we are going to take his cash" there is nothing anybody can do unless they have enough money left to hire an expensive lawyer.

Notice that in that video, both the victim and the cop are playing roles. The victim knows he has to pretend respect for the cop or he will get swarmed, the cop knows he has to pretend to be doing something good, as part of his role, and he can cause massive harm to anybody he perceives as disrespectful, as long as he pretends to be doing 'official work'.

Although there is more than enough crime in the United States to keep police busy, the bulk of their work involves enforcing respect for themselves and harassing or 'punishing' groups and individuals which do not adequately show respect.

Another example of the complete lack of accountability applied to police officers, but in this case a court eventually ruled in favor of the victim. 

15) The biggest unfilled gap in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average was on November 2020, at 28,500 

The idea of filling trading gaps may sound stupid, but a common perception is that large gaps indicate bubbles forming, or that they show other problems in the market.

The only way that gap would not be filled is if inflation surged so rapidly that people dumped dollars into any available equity, and in that case the stock market might not be the best bet.

16) "...banks pocketed nearly $15.5 billion in overdraft fees in 2019" 

If a person has almost no money, and they accidentally misguess when a deposit will clear, it is stressful to suddenly see a $35 charge.

$15.5 billion is a lot of $35 charges.

17) Amateur hour again at the United States of Walmart again

Somebody wants to force people to agree with them that vaccinations are good, and they have a lot of people willing to force that opinion on everybody. So lets threaten economic mayhem until people agree with us. 

18) 'After conducting sufficient assessment, CNAC CAAC considers the corrective actions are adequate to address this unsafe condition' 

19) There are two competing views about inflation and the stock market, and if inflation becomes significant the dominant view will shift

Mainstream 'wisdom' is that inflation hurts the stock market because it shows a fundamental weakness in the underlying economy. 

A new 'mainstream' perspective is that inflation is inflation, and it hits everything. 

Which one is actually true long term depends on how interventionist the government is, and whether a specific government has the ability to leverage its influence to extract value from competing economies, foreign markets.

As the U.S. has pulled most large global economies onto its leaky life raft, things look alarming from a wider angle. But no matter how bad things deteriorate, there will always be places that may be worse. 

An interesting side effect of British control of the global economy, an effect which hits any country that tries to globalize its own paradigm, is that there has been an enforced stupidity forced on vast segments of the global economy.

The net effect long term is that those economies completely isolated from the global economy are on solid ground, simple facts underpin their beliefs.

Those economies on the periphery, like Turkey, are caught in an almost dead zone between factual science and the stupidity which has been enforced. At some point they will be forced to retreat away from the 'Britain centric' economy, it will probably be expensive for them, but their basic economy may be salvageable once they unlearn the things that were forced on them.

Whichever economies and populations have been at the center of the crooked mass, Britain, the U.S. etc, and Japan etc, will have vast populations which have been obligated to be stupid in order to survive. When reality intervenes and things deteriorate, approaching rapidly, entire populations will be living in economic fantasyland, unable to retreat to anything useful because they have been so thoroughly trained.

A lot of factors influence global issues, but this single issue is probably the biggest. So many people in Britain and its derivative societies have been so thoroughly trained, like an army of elite monkeys, that in order to maintain peace once other countries stop playing along these Britain derived societies will be in the exact same position as the Soviet Union was, except their populations will be much more dangerous and will require much more force to control.













Pages that may get written.

1) Archetypal Political Crimes

Criminality is subjective, and always involves projection from a powerful entity onto one more vulnerable. In other words the 'original archetypal authority' is muscle of some kind, and the 'original archetypal crime' is vulnerability of some kind.

The Odebrecht case, a corporate scandal from a few years ago has been moving back into the news. 

The strategy of the United States prosecutors has been to use 'money laundering' as the 'offense' that justifies their involvement.

Of course corporate bribery, like any 'crime', is unethical, but what exactly is the basis for the United States taking the lead in this case using a 'money laundering' pretext? It was a Brazilian company whose corporate crimes were committed largely in Latin America.

As Latin American 'pacification' by the United States has not been adequate, and will not end favorably for the United States on its current track, the basic issue of Europe's 'possession' of Latin American cultures and land is growing.

A basic value of the melting pot is that corporate identity, one's current temporary 'social' group, is one's identity. Things that existed for a person when they are born, like ethnicity etc, are minimized in order to create new identities for citizens which are more profitable for the conqueror.

There are a lot of variations of this, and they all require stripping away individual identities so that a new 'melting pot' person can be created.

Together with this process is the need to modify the worldview that surrounds those citizens.

All people are born with some sense of 'possession' of external objects. A person is conscious of 'possessing' their arms, for example. If a stranger walks up to you and tries to remove one of your arms you will try to impede them.

This kind of 'possession' extends then to various other things. For example if a group is living on a piece of land, and another groups arrives to hijack that land, the first group will resist or make the 'crime' expensive to the best of their ability. It is an innate human function to make crime expensive. Land is a commodity, more of a currency than cash.

Back to the money laundering, a person should wonder 'what would the motive of the United States be in encouraging the concept of money laundering?'

In other words 'what projection is involved'.

Money laundering in itself is, at best, an abstract derivative of group crimes. Nobody would look at any specific money laundering incident and say 'it is the money laundering which is the crime'.

So why would the United States try to shift the focus from the initial crime to a derivative act?

2) There have been a lot of completely unarmed people shot by police, and those shootings are ignored by mainstream media

Instead, mainstream media focuses on police shootings that many people would not consider completely beyond reason.

A young guy holding an imitation gun and walking towards police? The mainstream media pretends that this kind of shooting is what annoys people. 

Anybody with common sense would walk in another direction until he fired a shot. 99% of people who draw guns like that do not injure anybody. In many cases, including this one, it is not even a real gun so the chance of him shooting anybody is very small.

This case is getting headline treatment because the photo shows him holding an imitation gun, and many people would say they could understand shooting him.

In other words the article is trying to pretend it is holding police accountable, while actually acting as an apologist for them.

Those cases where there is not even an imitation gun? Generally ignored unless a celebrity popularizes the killing or a group publicizes it and presses the media.

There was a woman killed by police in her own home, in California last year. She was unarmed but may have been hostile when police forced their way into her home. There was a brief mention of the incident in a local paper but no mainstream coverage and her name did not appear once on Twitter and similar social media sites. 

Notice that the article says 'multiple callers' in an attempt to make her 'crime' appear serious. She had been in an accident several days earlier. She was in her own home, breaking things. The police broke into her home and killed her. There was no investigation. Almost no publicity except a few short references in local papers to the killing. If somebody kicked down a police officer's door and broke into his home, and killed him when they heard him arguing with his wife, would there be an investigation?

A week later, and about 5 miles away, police killed another young lady with a knife. 

A 'utility knife' is an 'exacto' blade used to open cardboard boxes and slice wires. You cannot 'stab' anybody with it, you can only slash. So a smaller female with that knife would not have been a real threat. If she had a real knife she could have been a menace, but the solution would have been for anybody to step back a few feet. Like leave her house.

The website that for years listed police killings is no longer active. 

Instead there are dozens of new sites that are designed to cleverly excuse police killings while pretending to cover the issue.

If either of the two women had been adequately armed their encounters may have ended properly.

3) Where do 'economists' get this nonsense? 

The Fed is not going to 'tighten' anything unless it wants to trigger the recession that is waiting for a way to happen.

There is no way to keep the money supply low unless all of the developed countries become police states to prevent urban issues. 

There is no way to prevent money from flowing into gold and other commodities unless every wealthy person on the planet becomes stupid suddenly.

4) Something obviously is going on with the lumber market! 

The lumber chart stands out from most commodities because of its breakout in 2017.

A lot of things were presented as an explanation, tariffs, hurricanes etc, then it spiked again in 2020, and now is heading up again. 

Lumber is a pretty transparent commodity, unlike metals. When prices start to rise organically there isn't much that can be done to hide it.

So when lumber started heading higher, then the U.S. put tariffs on Canadian lumber, were the tariffs meant to hide an organic price increase? It looks like it.

Same thing can be seen in some other commodities.

Why would the government want to hide the increases in certain commodities?

A likely explanation is that it is part of the strategy of dealing with the loss of power in the dollar. If a person assembled all the charts but ignored all the explanations, things would look gloomy for dollar markets. Supply chains, tariffs and other explanations put the heat elsewhere.

If bureaucrats have been camouflaging commodity cost increases for several years, a few other things can be deduced.

5) Who knew?

Prince Charles wraps up a visit to Egypt and Jordan with one of his wives. 

6) There is no doubt that mandatory vaccinations will play a part in the rapid decline of Europe 

But how big a part, and details, are a mystery.

7) A scam of such proportions that if it gets a page it will be in the Worldview section 

The one aspect of the U.S. economy which nobody discusses publicly is the use of foreign economies as 'hosts' for the dollar.

'Modern Monetary Theory' is yet another scam dreamt up by bureaucrats to take peoples' eyes away from century old crime of parasitizing foreign economies which have weaker militaries.

As scams go it is not even that clever, it simply relies on the ignorance of its audience, and creates a plausible sounding explanation which hides the fact that the dollar's strength has always been derived from the ability of the dollar's governing structure to coerce 'cooperation' from weaker countries.

As a consequence of the internet and similar things, the coercive dollar strategy is prone to utter destruction at any moment. People ignore the issue, enemies do not take aggressive steps to flip the dollar on its back like a sick turtle, only because of inertia, the hypnotized chicken effect.

Once there is any kind of mainstream discussion about the real source of the dollar's historic strength, and when its vulnerability is visible, it will be bedtime for a lot of economists and politicians.

The big riddle is how Japan will fit into the future turmoil of the dollar. Smart money is probably that China and Japan are already preparing some kind of commodity based international trade solution which creates a temporary subordinate position for Australia as 'the new western power' until Western Europe is sufficiently weakened at which point Australia will be spun into irrelevance.

8) Is Peru going to clamp down on foreign miners? 

A single country doing that, or several countries doing it on their own, will boost metals prices.

So there will not be much resistance from the mining consortium.

But if a 'Latin Silver Consortium' starts to develop it will be considered a terrorist organization by the Australia / China / U.S. mining consortium. China will step out and pretend to ally with them but it will be a sham similar to any U.S. alliance with Taiwan.

9) The 'metaverse' is a great advertising solution, but it will do more 

The 'metaverse' will rejuvenate the advertising industry, probably turning it into one of the biggest industries within a few decades.

But it has another feature which will have a much bigger impact.

Tribal groups are known for cultivating unusual senses, while melting pots extinguish those senses.

One of the features of the metaverse is that, once it becomes widely used, younger people will completely bypass any vestigial senses from their lineages and jump to the advanced melting pot stage of 'not having' any non rational senses which would develop in 'real world' situations but not in the artificial metaverse. The 'information' they would have developed through non rational sensory input will be replaced with some kind of corporate silliness.

This is certainly not good for metaverse users, but it does offer a lot of power to those who see it and decide to take advantage.

Non rational senses are a sort of anchor which prevents an individual from being completely blinded by collective nonsense from the melting pot. The atrophy of non rational functions, and the corresponding loss of those senses, will created a new kind of completely ungrounded human animal. Extrapolating from less extreme, but similar, melting pot tricks, a person can guess that it will lead to weaker and weaker rational functions.

One of the interesting peculiarities of weakening irrational functions in individuals is that they create a feeling in those individuals that their rational functions have improved.

This page would probably go in the worldview section, along with other items pointing out the pending catastrophe of separating 'science' into a rational respected part and an irrational ignored part.

A vast worldview has been constructed to defend all sorts of sciences, and as 100% certain as those sciences seem, they are actually flawed at the most basic level. Products of ambition rather than real science. 

10) The Chinese government should articulate clearly why they believe they own a group that does not want to be owned by them. 

The U.S. government should do the same.

11) It is disgraceful that a teenage conman working for the cia has taken over a Central American country and wants to turn it into Miami 

12) The NetFlix Propaganda Project gets a lot of free publicity 

That film is set in 1950s Turkey, but anybody who has watched NetFlix should know that there will be white vans somehow put into the picture at moments when certain points involving political authority are made.

13) Prime Conspiracy Theory Material

"lower mill recovery and lower ore grade milled at CC&V in North America, the ramp down of the mill and lower leach pad production at Yanacocha in South America" 

"mechanical mill failure at Carlin's Goldstrike roaster on May 26, 2021 which negatively impacted production, combined with lower grades and throughput at Tongon" 

"voluntary suspension of underground mining activities at Obuasi in May, lower grades at certain operations, inflationary effects, and the ongoing impacts of COVID-19" 

"mill fire in June 2021" 

"lower mill throughput rates at Cadia, Lihir and Telfer. Cadia’s mill capacity was limited by the replacement and upgrade of the SAG mill motor resulting in lower gold production during the period. Mill throughput rates were also lower at Lihir and Telfer following planned and unplanned shutdown activities." 

Q3 2021 seems like it should have had better numbers than Q3 2020 just due to less Covid.

The one commonality of gold mines everywhere is theft by management, and a plot involving several companies dropping production numbers is in the realm of the possible. Suspicious production drops in other metals recently, especially platinum group metals like palladium, should cause curiosity. 

Strangely, a significant series of accidents at an African palladium producer a year or two ago is hard to find on Google at the moment.

14) Duh

Several weeks of bleeding reserves. 

Then some terrorist incidents that hit the 'supply chain'.

Then fully deplete reserves and massive terrorist strikes in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Iraq which push oil to the moon.

Then a fully pacified population which will accept a huge uranium solution involving some sort of fake progressive generosity from Australia and Canada.

15) Another transparent ploy

Turkey starts using a 'new' economic theory that makes no sense whatsoever unless in the context of a globally controlled economy. 

They have actual college educated people in Turkey, people who can read and write, so they would not play that silly game unless they knew there was some muscle behind it.

A contemporaneous NetFlix Propaganda Push in that country is oddly coincidental.

16) Messenger rna 'conspiracies' could make Thalidomide look like Penicillin 

17) After centuries of being drunk on power, Britain does not know when to retreat 

Same could be said of other countries though.

18) 1+1=

a) Heavily industrialized countries have set the bar very low with regard to treating vulnerable nations and respecting tribal sovereignty

b) Any surviving tribes will eventually become aware that they have an interesting unique advantage with regard to the development of sciences, including 'military' technology.

It isn't clear if China's missile falls in this category, but soon there will be surprises. 

19) WTF?

A major, established nuclear fuel company with 6,700 full time employees and a market cap under $5 billion?

And it pays a dividend? 

20) Pretty compelling evidence that the 'energy crisis' is going to end with a terrorist disruption of oil after reserves are drawn down

"China, Japan, India, South Korea and the United Kingdom 

Europe is wise already.

Japan has no choice but to obey its owner.

India is along for the ride because people are speaking English and wearing suits.

South Korea is easy to get on board.

Russia will join eventually but it has to filter discreetly through their oil players so it looks like a 'Russian' decision.

21) 80 people do not plan a crime and get away with it unless law enforcement lets the crime happen for a reason 

Most people know that.

And the reason isn't hard to figure out.

The United States already is the most policed society in the world, with the highest incarceration rate, but planners know that within a few years, maybe sooner, there will be an extensive need for extra policing in all urban areas.

22)  "True Crime Story : Indefensible" is an interesting documentary that might get a page in the worldview section

The story involves a guy who killed his wife and was found not guilty by reason of insanity. He was not 'insane' by common standards, which raises an issue that was ignored in the documentary.

An expert witness said he was dissociating and thus not criminally responsible. Dissociating is a real thing. Everybody dissociates many times a day, but the concept has been refined and applied to describe a subgroup of dissociators who are recovering from some trauma and who dissociate as part of that recovery. The implication was that 'because he was dissociating, he must have been dissociating severely, and therefore was insane.

The host of the episode, Jena Friedman, is basing the documentary on the question of 'should privileged people be excused for murder?', which is a mistake. Privileged people always are excused for crimes, and that is part of the appeal of being privileged, e.g. wealthy. It's not something that will change anytime soon, even if the nature of 'privilege' adapts to some new system.

The obvious 'privilege' in society is money, but in this case the focus is sharpened a bit to show a little more precisely what it is that money buys in a case like this.

First a person has to look at the nature of 'expertise' which the documentary highlights.

Psychiatry is largely a fraud, several pages on this website deal with that issue. Anybody can research the history of 'modern psychiatry' and see that it is maintained entirely through cleverness and coercion. Psychiatry is not about defining any pathology subjectively. It is about creating a group which is 'sick' and another group which will supposedly lead the sick people back to health. It is a variation of 'policing' except that it more often uses implicit, rather than explicit, coercing.

The lawyer in this case understood that and simply hired an 'expert psychiatrist' who also understood it.

The lawyer and 'expert psychiatrist' are outsiders, people who do not respect psychiatry and the legal system because they know that psychiatry and the legal system are not based on anything objective. But these people use psychiatry and the legal system as tools to get wealth which they can then use to pass their time more comfortably.

In other words they are doing the same thing that everybody else in the legal system and in psychiatry is doing. There are no people who actually believe that 'psychiatry is medicine', nor are there people who actually believe 'the legal system is justice'.

There are many people who are gifted at pretending they respect those things, but none who actually do. Unfortunately, some poor souls are so deluded by their own pretending that they don't know that they are pretending, and they play the system to get prestige or money or comfort.

The lawyer and expert psychiatrist do not fall in that category. They are pretending, but they know that they are pretending.

When anybody recognizes a colossal fraud they have various options. A younger person might challenge it, but in this case it's risky. Both the legal system and psychiatry have incentivized a vast army of dangerous people to pretend their system's legitimacy, with the hope of those people being to one day gain enough power, within the respective frauds, to gain privilege.

So the big question ignored by the documentary is not whether fraud is fraud, of course it is, the question is whether the proper way to address the fraud is to milk it.

23) "the persistently firm US dollar" 

The global economy is in a twilight zone where the dollar's 'strength' is perceived relative to the Euro. 

The USD CNY chart is hard to figure out. 

But if you flip it, and take into account China's entry into the global economy, they do well when the global or 'western' economy contracts, like 2008. 

So what about all those factory jobs in China? What will happen to their jobs if the Yuan becomes strong?

They will be in the position the U.S. / UK has been in for a long time, of being able to kick back and live on their wealth while 'poor' countries like the bulk of Western Europe and the U.S. in a little while, produce trinkets for them.

Britain has a long history of playing dirty globally, and there is no doubt China is ready this time.

China's one big vulnerability is the same as its main rival, i.e., a history of consuming tribals, but there is a big wildcard.

While tribes have come and gone throughout history, China is the biggest and most successful 'tribe consumer' in history. The British have a few hundred years of drunken experience at this crime, but the Chinese quite a lot more.

A person should wonder if there are old Chinese texts detailing how 'sciences' are extracted from tribals. China's old agricultural texts make it likely there is a 'grafting' book that applies to consuming tribals and it's anybody's guess which book would have come first.

24) China knows oil companies control policy in the United States, and they smell the trap 

Fortunately for them, even after all their corruption purges they still have loads of oil consortium stooges who have infiltrated their upper ranks. The oil consortium will be careful to keep its highest infiltrators secure from retribution once reserves are drained and the 'oil supply chain' is attacked.

25) At some point, a mistake will be made, and one of these variants will be exposed as having been the result of 'gain of function' work in a lab 

Then there will be scrutiny about where the variants were released.

When Latin American variants are scrutinized accurately the U.S. will be in a difficult spot.

26) Are the Chinese mocking the fraudulent 'group science' aspect of Western civilization? 

It sure looks that way.

27) The U.S. / UK Petroleum reserve release is an obvious ploy by the oil consortium, but China is necessarily a focus 

The most likely scenario is an aggressive attack on oil producers once the reserves are depleted.

But it's also likely Australia will be 'empowered' by the ploy, possibly by clueing the Chinese into what is going on and trying to reel some more top Chinese bureaucrats in.

Australia will be trying to stay out of the news, and the UK / U.S. will do everything they can to help, but they have to keep up the appearance of challenging China.





































Pages that may be written in the future

1) Green hydrogen is the latest in a long string of Oil Consortium scams which have been killing the world 

Solar, hydro and modular nuclear reactors could easily solve the CO2 problem quickly.

The oil industry has used its political power to set up solutions which are designed to fail, and green hydrogen is the latest.

Green hydrogen does have a place in energy production, but promoting it as a major source of energy has one big problem which conflicts with the political world in the near future, a problem which will make it easy for the Green Hydrogen infrastructure to be made irrelevant once it is built, forcing a reversion to oil.

Hydrogen is explosive. Not just explosive, but it would create easy opportunities for sabotage at each step from production to use, requiring an extensive security infrastructure built around it.

How do modular reactors compare?

Nuclear fuel itself can be made very safe. Any short term sabotage would require a substantial amount of outside explosives, and even then there would not be a major problem.

The problem of taking fuel intended for reactors and using it for local weapons has been largely solved by making fuel in which it is difficult to isolate the fissionable material and concentrate it unless you have expensive high temperature equipment and an extensive knowledge of chemistry. And in any event it is not hard to find radioactive material and enrich it for weapons purposes. An educated person would have no reason to spend a lot of resources monkeying with fuel, if they wanted a weapon, when the useful material is readily available almost everywhere on earth.

Green hydrogen involves using a local cheap form of energy, like solar wind or gas, then spending that energy to create hydrogen, which is then stored, and transporting that hydrogen to a consumer.

It's basically like using one safe fuel to extract a highly explosive fuel vulnerable to sabotage, then transporting that vulnerable fuel to consumers thousands of miles away. It makes no sense, and that is why the oil consortium has been promoting it. It's another way to keep petroleum on top.

What are the real uses for 'green hydrogen'?

In a very local environment, where a concentrated non polluting fuel is needed, and where production and use are not separated geographically, it would have a lot of uses. Eventually splitting water may be an important space fuel.

The key factor in green hydrogen's utility is political stability. Where you have a great deal of conflict, whether genuine or the type of manufactured conflict that developed around oil, hydrogen is not a great idea.

Is there a way to make 'green hydrogen' safe from political conflict? There are two obvious ways which would be used, neither of which would work.

Combining the hydrogen chemically with something which required very little energy later to break the molecules back apart would create a 'less proliferatable fuel', but you would be converting fuel to hydrogen by breaking H2O then creating a new fuel which needed another step before use.

Creating hardened containers to hold hydrogen would be the dream of those looking to sabotage it. Sort of like creating a world full of pressure cooker bombs. The harder you make the containers the bigger the explosions will be.

A comedic irony in 'green hydrogen' is that separating water to produce hydrogen also produces oxygen. Oxygen is normally stored in green bottles, if you see a green gas canister it is usually oxygen. But anyone targeting a green hydrogen facility might put oxygen near the hydrogen to aid the initial explosion. So people working directly with bottles of hydrogen will have a safety precaution of physically separating any green bottles from the green hydrogen. The production facilities themselves will be taking a harmless material and separating it into an explosive that has two components, and the facilities will have massive amounts of the two components in addition to whatever fuel they are using to power the separation.

And yet another silliness in this process is that the fuel needed to produce the 'green hydrogen' is more, in terms of energy value, than the fuel produced. If you want to produce x amount of energy value, for example btu's or kilowatts or whatever, you have to use more than x amount of energy to do it. Simply storing the energy in an efficient battery, and sending the battery to the end consumer, would be more efficient and safer.

2) Otay

He was practicing with the gun by pointing it at a lady and pulling the trigger? 

Mentioned on a previous page is what happens if you are not a celebrity or a cop. 

Accidents happen, but if average people face accountability then so will celebrities and cops.

3) A miniskirt? You're hired 

Ooopps, you're fired.

4) One of the many mysteries around the JFK assassination is why documents regarding the case have been repeatedly hidden just as they were due to be released

There is a lot of speculation about what is being hidden. 

But there is an explanation that people are hesitant to mention publicly.

The House Select Committee on assassinations determined that there was a conspiracy. 

Both the CIA and FBI admitted that they had withheld documents from the Warren Commission.

The key evidence involves whether he was shot from in front or from behind. An assassin would not wait until his target had passed, then shoot from behind. The doctors who worked on the body said the entrance wound was in the front.

If he was shot from the front, as the evidence indicates, then it means a second shooter was given 'cover' by the arrest of Oswald. In other words the motorcade was routed specifically in front of the building where Oswald worked in order to arrest Oswald, and provide cover for the shooter.

So several people would have known which specific individual arranged the motorcade route. These would have been reasonably educated people who could put two and two together. Some of them would have been career bureaucrats but others would have been Kennedy connected civil servants new to that administration.

Also, if the House Select Committee on Assassinations was telling the truth, then it means autopsy photos were altered to make the rear exit wound look like an entry wound. Anybody should be able to look at the film and guess he was shot from in front, but a lot of documents were altered to give the opposite impression. There would have been a number of people at whatever agency was involved in cleaning up these records who noticed unusual activity.

So there were probably quite a few bureaucrats who had reasonable suspicion that their colleagues were involved, and were at risk of becoming whistle blowers.

What happened to those people?

Whistleblowing is pretty safe today. You know something and you forward an encrypted tip to a journalist. Bureaucrats intercept the message and you go to jail a few years. In the post war era including the Kennedy years, whistleblowing was quite a bit more hazardous, and that may be what administration after administration has been trying to hide.

Would there have been any researchers who tried to find unusual deaths of people who might have interfered with the Warren Commission? 

Some people suspect George Patton may have been one of the first whistleblowers silenced after WWII. 

5) China is slowly reeling itself into the world of corporate corruption

On the same day two of the most important rare earth elements surge by 5% each, Chinese industrialists offer to cooperate in fleecing consumers globally. 

All that's missing is Australia. Those aborigines won't drive themselves extinct without help. Privately owned, of course.

Oh, wait. 

"Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) focused in Metallurgical Engineering from University of New South Wales 

The fix is in, carry on with the exterminations. 

In a little while everybody will be scratching their heads over how a small group of interconnected businessmen from China, Australia, the U.S. and UK took control of a bunch more mines.

6) Facebook is planning a massive investment in virtual reality 

Combined with Google fake ai, humanity will be one amorphous blob soon.

Then the prisons will start. They'll probably call them schools. Nobody will object.

7) If you have to attack any country in order for them to be part of your country, they probably are not part of your country 

There are no indigenous American tribes who are voluntarily part of the United States.


Is the goal of melting pots like China and the U.S. to safeguard resources for the local population, or is it to bleed those resources dry?

Alaska has the bulk of U.S. oil, and most of it is in areas populated by Natives.

If you try to find out how much oil is left, Google is not much help. Searching "How much oil is left in Alaska" has only 22 results, and a lot of them are nonsensical results.

In fact oil companies have tried to extract resources like oil as fast as possible, and if Natives were ever given their land back it would not have a lot of oil left. Native tribes were given a slice of the money from oil on their land, to give the appearance that they supported the ultra rapid extraction, but they had no choice. 

8) Another post bankruptcy scam

"The company emerged from bankruptcy on June 30 with $1.8 billion in unrestricted cash and $1.2 billion available on credit lines.

"Hertz didn't disclose financial terms of the deal, but the Model 3s it is buying have a starting price of $44,000 for US retail customers. Rental car companies typically pay less than full retail price for cars, but Tesla currently has more demand for its vehicles than it has capacity to build them, and thus little incentive to offer significant discounts. So the total order could be more than $4 billion. 

Companies in Hertz's position are controlled by people who want to quietly extract as much money as possible before the final bell. It's very unlikely the deal will ever go through, but it is likely a lot of money was already made on stock deals connected to the announcement.

9) Although 'white van mentality' is a simple pathology of bureaucrats, its real world effects have extensive global impact

"Facebook's own researchers have repeatedly warned that the company appears ill-equipped to address issues such as hate speech and misinformation in languages other than English, potentially making users in some of the most politically unstable countries more vulnerable to real-world violence, according to internal documents viewed by CNN. 

10) El Sisi is starting to worry, but he should know the melting pot won't sacrifice him until the most opportune moment

"Approximately 70 languages are indigenous to Sudan. 

11) Uhmm, go without us

"Inhofe noted that the Biden administration "always said 100 to 200 U.S. citizens left in Afghanistan," but now says it "has already withdrawn 234 and is in contact with 363 others, 176 of whom want to leave," citing numbers the State Department provided last week. 

12) 'House of Secrets, the Burari Deaths' is a NetFlix Docupropaganda series that should get several pages

It involves the deaths of 11 people in one family in Delhi. Like most NetFlix propaganda pieces, the film is littered with white vans, mostly ambulances.

The most important thing the film shows is the degree to which Indian society has been polluted by Western nonsense. 'Expert' after 'expert' goes on using Western rationale to explain this or that aspect of the deaths in a way that follows the British Colonial psychiatric model discussed on other pages.

This 'rationale' is nonsense when it is used in the West and it does not cease to be nonsense when it is used in other countries.

There is a hierarchy of what could be called 'sciences and arts' which develop in each society. Britain happened to invest very heavily in military and conquest 'arts and sciences', at the expense of others. This allowed Britain to be in a position to replace all sort of legitimate arts and sciences with self serving nonsense in countries that were militarily less developed.

What could be called 'good news' is that, as was mentioned, nonsense does not cease being nonsense when it is forced on foreigners. At some point simple truth, paths that are not concocted fiction, will replace the nonsense many Indians have swallowed whole and which is promoted by NetFlix propaganda.

At some point a long page may be made dissecting the film and pointing to the tragedy of forcefully propagandizing other cultures with utter nonsense.

13) Episode two of the NetFlix Docupropaganda series 'The Billion Dollar Code' hits one of its punchlines

The Billion Dollar Code is interesting in that it shows the accelerating desperation of whoever is behind the NetFlix propaganda project. 

In the second episode one of the characters says "You have to protect your intellectual property".

This 'intellectual property' issue is part of the foundation of an attempt to maintain British control of the global weltanschaaung, or worldview, a little longer, but it is misguided.

In the past, British derived societies have used 'intellectual property rights' informally as a tool to prevent commercial challenges from developing countries. Now, as developing countries start to develop at a faster pace, and this strategy no longer makes sense, the reaction by the British centered part of the melting pot is to codify this strategy. It makes no sense, of course, and looks like the kind of strategy coughed up by a bureaucratic committee.

Despite the counter productiveness of this specific aspect of the NetFlix propaganda project, it does have some use, in that it exposes more of the methods used to propagate propaganda.

It would be interesting to gauge the reaction of the audiences targeted by these NetFlix projects in various countries.

Australia seems to be taking the lead in dubious strategies like this one, but the fact that it is specifically targeted to Western Europe may mean that Western Europe is perceived by British derived strategists as a weak link.

Which it certainly is.

One interesting possibility is that this top down 'ip rights' strategy is an extension of the individuals who have been managing the oil consortium, and the so called 'strategists' running the British derived propaganda projects do not understand what is going on.

The oil consortium began as a vaguely Western oriented project, but at this point it is entirely transnational, its obedience is to wealth, nothing else.

Very possible that the increasing vulnerability of the British made them an easy target for another oil consortium scam, but this one a longer term project to give Asia a bigger lead in coming decades, and having nothing to do with oil.

14) Celebrity actor to receive 'cop treatment' and spend no time in jail for accidental shooting

After all, it was somebody else's fault. 

Meanwhile, black kid gets four years for accidental shooting that he does actually regret and was entirely an accident. 

And another guy, not a cop or a celebrity, got seven to twenty years 

And an undesirable, or deplorable, depending on your politics, got 15 years plus. 

Even an accident where the gunplay was understandable, but black young man, isn't a cop or celebrity, etc. 

And shortly before the celebrity hit man's episode, a black militia member's gun accidentally discharged. He was a felon, like most people in the United States, except he had been caught so even though nobody was injured in the accidental discharge of his gun, he got more than 6 years. 

Another black guy, less than a year ago, with the same first and last name. 20 years. 

More interestingly, the celebrity episode involves a string of firearms 'accidents', a group of actors who walked off the set, and indications that the bullet was deliberately placed in the gun.

The important question though was asked immediately.

"Are you a cop or a celebrity?"

"Yes, I'm a celebrity".

"Can I have your autograph? You're free to go. Please speak to the media office at the front desk of the police station."

15) There are no human beings on the planet so simple and stupid that they believe the '15% corporate tax' silliness 

The government is still funneling massive amounts of money to billionaires through its asset purchases.

Why not just acknowledge that taxes are irrelevant to the economy, and are a clever way to subsidize the wealthy.

U.S. national debt $29 trillion

Income tax revenue $2 trillion 

It's a funny game unless you actually study it.

16) *facepalm#1* 

17) If an investigation of the oil consortium were even scratching the surface, it would be news

But it's not 

18) Myanmar getting ready to jump into the news

Strategic Metals | Kitco 

19) Very strange situation

Genaro Garcia Luna is a corrupt former head of Mexican federal police. He worked closely with many high level federal police in the United States.

Arresting him involved some sort of schism between the 'in the dark' 'idealistic type' short term employees of the U.S. justice system, and the greater beast in the U.S.

There was never any chance of a real trial in the U.S. He would make Epstein look like a diplomat.

Now, 10/29/21, news in a lot of Spanish language sites that his trial is being 'held' in autumn 2022.

The only English language article so far that refers to the 'trial that will not happen' is in the intercept, but you cannot read it unless you register.

The intercept has long appeared as a honey trap for whistle blowers but it may have broadened its net.

The first articles about the trial date occurred quite some time ago in Spanish. 

20) Let's start a Canadian mining company and call it 'The African Group'

"The Kobada Project is a gold exploration project with the potential to produce more than 50,000 ounces of gold per annum" 

Probably ten times that.

Australia, Canada and the U.S. are going to have to start splitting the loot with China soon.

The Chinese know the drill. 

21) More NetFlix Docupropaganda fun

More from the 'Inside Job'.

Episode 5, at 19 minutes, has 'the cool government crew' driving around in a white van to retrieve their colleague in a city that is stuck in the past.

There are several purposes to this episode, including a) presenting the bureaucrats as 'cool people', b) enforcing the folksy charm of the 'white van' mentality, etc, but a bigger theme involves, again, what the 'zipper archetype' tries to describe.

All propaganda is an attempt to imitate and replace a section of the worldview of the target.

In this case, the white vans used throughout NetFlix propaganda episodes are used to 'enforce' the artificial sentiments which the propagandist is inserting. An emotive series is created, a string of images with an associated emotion, and the white van serves as both an implicit threat to those who oppose the 'white van group', and as a pseudo friend for the rootless members of that group.

Although there is the occasional mention in the media of famous propagandists like Goebbels, very few people recognize this kind of propaganda so when a major government/corporate entity like NetFlix starts pumping filth into the public psyche, few people see anything improper.

Unfortunately for propagandists, worldviews are rooted in a natural foundation. Distorting worldviews deliberately for short term benefit does usually create a short term benefit but what underlies the worldview compensates eventually.

It is tragic that NetFlix is propagandizing with overtly political nonsense under the radars of most people.

That episode then goes on to try to create a 'corporate family' around the nucleus of the corporate/government stars of the series.

The implication is that any 'tribal' types who interfere in the agenda can be brought on board with folksy charm and camaraderie which will make them want to join the 'party'. It's the same theme as 50 years ago and 150 years ago on and on. And what follows will be the same, except more expensive each time.

22) 'The Motive' is one of the few NetFlix documentaries which is not overt propaganda, and even provides some data for anti propagandists 

The theme of the documentary is the intersection between the two incompatible paths of 'law enforcement' and 'psychology'.

In the documentary, almost everybody, or everybody, sees psychology as subordinate to law enforcement, which means that neither profits.

If a person wanted to start from a psychological stance, something which contradicts any 'legal' or 'law enforcement' stance, they would not have too hard a time unraveling the cause of the crime, and the motive which is a miniscule part of that.

One interesting overlap between this and several other cases is the issue of dissociation.

Dissociation is usually seen as the product of 'some abuse' which is incomprehensible to the dissociater, rather than a relative position. The reason is the hesitation 'experts' have to observe, i.e., their preference for interfering rather than observing.

The unusual thing in this case is that there are many people around the situation who would have been interested in a psychological 'solution' to the acts, but they were so constrained, brainwashed by the 'crime' mentality that ultimately they yielded to that. Almost all 'criminal' cases involve a mass of people trying to use accountability as a baseball bat but in this case the people involved would have been receptive to a more useful 'psychology' view, if it were available.

Unfortunately, as is mentioned on other pages, 'psychology' has been eliminated in most 'developed' countries in favor of cultural policing which supports the melting pot.

Behaviorism is often dismissed as a real branch of psychology, because the academic behaviorism taught in schools is geared to intruding, controlling, rather than understanding.

But a different sort of behaviorism is useful in applying psychology.

23) The Endless Committee

Greenhouse gas emissions have a simple solution which could be implemented by any country or large corporation.

1) Manufacture cheap modular reactors and sell them at a reasonable price.

2) Use resources to eliminate oil consortium threats to '#1'.

Instead, endless committees have discussed, for decades, whether this or that proposal by the oil consortium might work to lower CO2. 

24) An interesting example of how the global 'accountability paradigm' created by the British worldview is crumbling 

The British created an elaborate infrastructure to create an inverse relationship between accountability and wealth. It was something that always existed in many forms, but the British codified it and enforced it globally in a way that profited their face of the melting pot.

Climate change facts have been known since at least the early 1950s, and the oil consortium was used to rapidly develop allies of the British derived melting pot at the economic expense of tribal entities.

The Marshall Islands is an example of a place which had no designs to intrude into other cultures. Their race had not left their previous stomping grounds in search of people to conquer, and resources to steal, it was a simple expansion into an unpopulated area. Very different from 'expanding' into an area populated by a different group and pretending that the area had been vacant.

In past eras such a play would have been covered up or 'solved' through a simple extermination.

If the Marshall Islanders ceased existing there would be no emerging threat to existing paradigms arising from their interests.

Today the planet is in a grey area between 'easy exterminations' and an unsustainable pretense of civilized behavior. It will be several years at least until the easy extermination of ethnic groups is an option again and until then the powerful faces of the melting pot have to play a stalling game.

25) Global warming has become a competition to see who can be the slowest to do the least 

Coming soon / Bolivia says it will be a net carbon absorber by the fourth quarter of the 28th century.

26) Military cleverness #1

A strategy to create complaints which can be discredited. 

27) Military cleverness #2

South Korea does not benefit from shows of force against the north. These charades are entirely done by the United States for its own benefit. 

These specific exercises show the skill that is subtly taught to all people in the U.S., using coercive force to manipulate a weaker 'client'. It's done everywhere, but U.S. society has refined it to a degree that exists in no other country.

28) "We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks" is an interesting propaganda film being promoted by NetFlix 

It is unique among NetFlix propaganda films in that it does not have a white van prominently in the first two minutes, and it wasn't made directly by NetFlix.

Another thing which differentiates this film from standard propaganda fare is its target audience.

A big part of the "U.S. experience" is the idea of endless elite groups.

The U.S. expanded in the 19th century under 'manifest destiny', the idea of 'national eliteness'.

More recently the government has created legions of 'elite warriors', poorly educated mediocre people given some training which leads them to perceive themselves as elite.

This 'new eliteness' is a variation of something done in a lot of countries in the past, but never on this scale. As the U.S. decays the numbers of these elite groups will continue growing until most people will consider themselves part of some elite  organization.

This film's target audience is not specifically 'the general public', but rather those 'elite' groups and the part of the public that supports them. It's a very clever film, obviously resources and calculations were put into making it.

The person who made the film has some independent credentials and it would be interesting to examine the details of how the film was made. 

29) U.S. regulators are going to create an interesting crypto derivative industry

Stablecoins are a highly lucrative product. 

Their 'trustworthiness' has been largely regulated by the market so far, and now regulators are going to create a new layer.

Insurance companies and similar entities which arbitrage risk across assets now will have an opportunity to 'support' a specific stablecoin, using their 'collateral' as a substitute for assets backing up a stablecoin.

At some point, if the crypto economy keeps growing, the lucrativeness of being able to issue digitalized 'fiat' will add confusion on a new scale.

30) It is time to get concerned

United States nuclear submarines do not have the ability to detect rock formations and undersea mountains? 

It sounds like a variation of the Kursk incident which some people have linked to 9/11. 

Anybody interested in propaganda should research the Kursk incident and read the linked Wikipedia page.

"On Monday 14 August, Fleet Admiral Vladimir Kuroyedov stated the accident had been caused by a serious collision with a NATO submarine, although he gave no evidence to support his statement. Senior commanders of the Russian Navy repeated this account for more than two years after the disaster. Many who desired a continuance of negative relations between Russia and the West supported this scenario.

Here is the entire Wikipedia 'conspiracy theory' section on the Kursk. 

"While most experts agreed that a torpedo had exploded, they differed on what caused the explosion. Many Russians did not believe that Kursk could be so easily sunk. The tragedy spawned a number of wild conspiracy theories to explain the disaster. One theory offered was an explosion located in the high-pressure air tanks used to blow the ballast tanks, located near the torpedo tubes. Mainstream publications like Der Spiegel, Berliner Zeitung, and the Sunday Times claimed to possess documentation proving that the submarine was struck by a missile fired by Pyotr Velikiy.  This was the largest naval exercise that the Russian navy had conducted in more than a decade, which increased the chances of a friendly fire incident. Other theories included Chechen espionage, human error, sabotage, and that Kursk was testing a new top-secret torpedo, Shkval (Squall), capable of speeds in excess of 200 knots (370 km/h; 230 mph). Another theory was that USS Memphis had fired a torpedo at Kursk.

At the time there was a lot of information about the apparent collision, but today anybody researching is steered in a sanitized direction. This is a tiny excerpt of a longer documentary which was easily available several years ago. Notice how all of the top comments disparage the 'conspiracy'. Youtube is part of Google, which is used by the U.S. government to steer public opinion. Comments on the original documentary at the time were much different.

Submarines, like all modern weapons, do not have any actual wartime use. They are simple tools used to shuffle money to the 'defense' industry and play games which give the appearance of national defense strategies.

China has been trying to get real estate in the South China sea because the area has vast deposits of rare earths and other minerals. These minerals are not as scarce as people are led to believe, but various cliques stand to make a vast amount of money playing the public the way the oil consortium did.

Australia is trying to play the role of a 'western nation' pivoting to Asia, in other words they are trying to rebrand as an Asian nation.

Part of this strategy involves sanitizing their history of exterminating aboriginals. More and more, they are incorporating white people with a touch of aboriginal DNA as their new aborigine population. Once virus wars kick in fully these will be the only aborigines left, if they have not yet gotten sovereign space.

As Australia's top echelon establishes close ties with China, they are trying to throw up a smokescreen of supposed conflict between the two countries. It is possible this submarine incident was the U.S. playing some part in that drama.














Future pages

1) NetFlix's U.S. propaganda campaign is fairly straightforward

It uses symbols like white vans to create artificial authority which it then uses to further aspects of the British worldview. The main objective is simply to enforce things which previously had been enforced through economic and other means.

Overseas, NetFlix is also aggressive in manipulating public opinion through 'entertainment, but its objectives and methods are murkier. 

2) A hint of what remote tribal groups in Africa, Amazonia and around the world will be facing soon

"The coup leader shows the Colonel General swords, axes and slingshots which he describes as home-made weapons being used by those trying to create instability in Myanmar. He promises to build stability and discusses cooperation between the two armies. 

The 'Russians' in that story work directly with their consortium / melting pot partners in other countries, not with their Russian colleagues.

The same 'Russians' collaborated directly with 'Americans' in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Once these transnationalists are disempowered, their respective countries will no longer have access to the spoils of tribal societies and extreme instability will result.

The price keeps growing, and at some point it will be unpayable.

Then the remaining tribals will be directly targeted with no pretext of 'stability', and melting pots will start going to war with each other over 'worldviews'.

3) Such blatant manipulation of markets will be exposed

The two most limited rare earths are up 9% and 12% in one day, following similar increases in the past few weeks. But their respective stocks are down? 

Silver and gold are 'in a consolidating range'.

The 'most successful' etf manager is still talking about deflationary pressure, and she is using the cliches that the Fed uses? 

It sure looks like an orchestrated effort to push people out of the hardest commodities in preparation for a rubber band snap explosion.

4) NetFlix propaganda service is getting free publicity on a lot of foreign sites 

It would be interesting to see if they have the same quirks as Netflix's English propaganda fare.

5) Finally the anti colonialists are smelling blood

"This idea of an inherent incompatibility between Eastern traditions and science was grounded in a concept of natural racial inequalities that Balfour had articulated quite clearly several years earlier, in his book Decadence. 

The explanation is wrong, this incompatibility between the colonial melting pot worldview is based on natural facts, not any balance of force or concept of race.

The so called western pivot to 'rational science' in the middle ages created a long term problem which is being resolved by a natural process.

Western strategists have every opportunity to minimize the carnage, by simply retreating to real science which includes irrational elements. 

6) Any translation loses many things but some lose more

At some point sciences will develop specializing in studying things which the melting pot missed or mistranslated. 

7) Watching more of 'We Steal Secrets' it becomes clear that it is a NetFlix style docupropaganda film

From 55 minutes 55 seconds to 56 minutes 55 seconds there are two scenes showing Julian Assange wearing sunglasses with a white van across the street clearly visible in the reflection from the sunglasses. This and other props make it obvious the same crew who gave input on most NetFlix propaganda videos were involved with this one. 

Adrian Lamo just happened to have a friend who worked in army intelligence?

And he happened to ask that 'friend' what he should do after Bradley Manning told him about releasing classified documents?

Much more likely the military identified Manning then coerced Lamo into a false scenario in which plastic patriots appear to win.

In fact there is enough evidence to say that Adrian Lamo was set up and used as a patsy so that the U.S. could try to profit from the leaks.

First item shortly after Manning was caught. 

The next day. 


There is a reason patriotism in the United States needs support from propaganda. 

All of the evidence points to a small group within some U.S. agency creating 'Project Vigilance' as cover for how they caught Manning.

In other words he was caught through surveillance, then the 'Lamo' fiction was arranged by threatening Lamo with prosecution for some unknown offense.

Project Vigilance had access to a former U.S. prosecutor who specialized in computer crimes, and others who were not random members of the public.

Once they realized that they had to follow three people on Twitter in order to get one follower, they called it quits and went back to their offices in the pentagon.

Another interesting thing about this film is the early focus on Wikileak's claim that it had never had a source exposed. This trivial 'point of pride' in early Wikileaks history is focused on for a reason by the film makers.

Aside from the obvious, the film seems to be trying to draw attention away from the specific 'secure' drop method used by Manning i.e. Tor, a project which has been used for almost 20 years by the U.S. government to catch whistle blowers.

8) There is one small issue in the Wikileaks movie which will get a page most likely

Assange supposedly said that all information should be public.

The example given in the movie is something about 'what if it led to an anthrax attack on a town?'

There are properly two types of information with respect to 'what should be public'.

A government ideally has no business handling information which should not be public. But bureaucrats have fabricated an artificial niche within government which promotes the idea that a bureaucrat, by virtue of his or her bureaucratic nature, is somehow authorized or qualified to handle or use non public information. It's an extension of all the other 'powers' bureaucrats, and other types of gang members, give themselves.

In other words, you can take a random person off the street and 'authorize' them to handle non public information which they otherwise have no reason to access. In order to do this 'safely', you have to brainwash them a bit with bureaucratic 'security' mumbo jumbo.

A vast artificial world has been created in which there is 'public' information or data, meaning data which bureaucrats can profitably release, and 'private' information or data, which is data damaging to bureaucratic interests.

It is such an unnatural and diseased way of viewing 'private vs public' that it can only be maintained through an ever growing coercive force.

Regarding the big Wikileaks leak reported in the movie

1) The U.S. was in a country where most of the people did not and do not support that 'invasion'.

2) The U.S. entirely used money to gain allies in Afghanistan and inaccurate 'facts' to get support in the U.S.

3) Wikileaks exposed that the U.S. was killing far more civilians than were being reported.

4) Wikileaks also exposed what are commonly called 'war crimes', repeated episodes of killing large numbers of civilians, including this article. 

5) After Wikileaks published, United States generals said that 'Wikileaks has blood on its hands' because it had only withheld 15,000 documents and had published 75,000 documents without redactions.

It makes not a bit of sense, but most people within the bureaucratic military mindset feel that logic is subservient to their interests, and it is in the nature of gangs that gang members reinforce their own version of reality among each other.

Those U.S. military people who worked, for example, in task force 373 are led to believe that they are protecting the U.S., or helping a foreign country, or otherwise doing something that should be done.

Nobody who is familiar with the region believes that, and it would be very difficult for a small organization to inculcate that kind of fantasy into the minds of most people.

The only way U.S. soldiers can be convinced to do things like this is through extensive control of the information they get, and aggressive prevention of access to information which contradicts fantasies promoted by the military.

9) Money supply is the issue people should be looking at

The Fed claims it is going to taper, after putting trillions into corporate pockets. 

Cathie Wood has been the most successful etf trader recently, and parrots Powell's statements about technology etc being deflationary. 

Digital currencies are perceived by policy makers as commodities for the moment, rather than currencies, but most digital currencies are neither commodities nor currencies, they are simple trash.

But with a market cap in the trillions, if they were to be used as currencies they would start a cycle of bidding wars for commodities which would be inflationary.

On the other hand, if digital currencies are able to pull in a lot of mainstream investment before a fiat digital currency is issued, and if the rug is then pulled out from under non central bank currencies once the governments have their currencies in place, it would extend the life of fiat and empower the most mainstream historical investors.

So that is what will happen likely within a few years.

10) When a tracking device is found on a car of a murder victim, the public should watch the case carefully 

As the erosion of freedoms accelerates in the United States there will be more 'private policing' by off duty cops who are hard to distinguish from other criminals. 

"Woman finds tracking device on car, Louisiana State Police wants it back 

Of course once police are caught and identified as having placed a tracking device on a vehicle they have to make an arrest. And if you remove the police tracking device from your own car police may try to prosecute you. 

Most major media will help cover police abuses involving things like that. 

11) Effects of mixed salts

Most people consider sodium chloride to be 'salt' when it comes to flavoring food.

Some people use potassium chloride as 'salt' to reduce anxiety, blood pressure etc.

Earlier in the century a lithium salt was sold as a sodium substitute. Lithium carbonate has an unpleasant taste, but other lithium salts are not unagreeable.

Nigari is a magnesium salt mix used to make tofu, and is extracted from seawater.

There is no doubt that consuming custom mixes of salts has strong effects on a lot of processes. One interesting effect seems to be that consuming a mix of all of the previously mentioned salts, instead of just sodium, seems to reduce the 'sugar crash' after eating too much sugar. Whether the effect is actually in the metabolism or sugar, or in the perception a person has of their sugar level is anybody's guess. But a page looking at different effects of mixed salts as a replacement for sodium may get written.

12) In case a person wonders if any new interesting government agencies were created while they were sleeping 

13) Another big factor being ignored about inflation 

The Fed is considered the economic policy maker of the United States, but there is clearly some agency which plays with foreign reserves in collaboration with certain allies, notable the rest of the UK bloc and Japan.

For most of a century this secret agency, which obviously exists if you look at how the Japanese and U.S. economy collaborate, has kept a growing money supply in check by using the rest of the world as a cheap supply chain.

Jerome Powell believes that trivial Fed policies have somehow created a new way to manage economies.

The 2008 recession got some scrutiny abroad, unlike previous recessions, and the next real recession will get far more scrutiny.

Inflation hasn't been tempered for 50 years by imaginary new technology which replaces commodities.

It has been tempered by stealing vast amounts of commodities from developing countries using obscure corporate cover.

As smaller countries destabilize in the next contraction, the issue of people being paid a dollar a day to produce cheap items which keep U.S. inflation low will be visible.

China has a gold mine in that issue which it can start working at any moment.

Then, inflation. Worse than inflation, though, China will have a lock on a whole range of commodities, along with its partner Australia, as British interests try to pivot away from the U.S. towards a newly Asiatic Australia.

14) Lebanon is a growing mystery

The superficial subtext is that a group of countries, notably Israel and its Arab allies, have kept Lebanon unsteady because of Hezbollah, or just because.

It sounded plausible for a long time, but question marks are starting to appear. 

There is no doubt whatsoever that Bahrain, Saudi Arabia etc will collapse hard.

15) Yet another article about tapwater 

I live in a place with supposedly high quality water, but distill it anyway. To make the distilling more efficient I add hot tap water to the reservoir when it gets low, and leave it uncovered for a few minutes so chlorine can boil out.

But something else is boiling out too.

Adding very hot tap water to extremely hot water in the distiller reservoir produces some gas / vapor that causes very extreme nausea even from a few feet away. This is from one of the better water systems in the U.S.

Most people of course are drinking the water straight from the tap.

16) If certain countries feel the 'British' are going to back up over their heads, they can take comfort in the fact that Japan is more of a target 

17) Monsanto's Eisenhower clone is being trained to give crypto opinions 

18) Consortium's are able to ruin societies because people don't question obvious stupidities

"The mixed rare earth concentrated we produce today is an intermediate product that requires further processing in Asia. 

Australia and China are cornering a vast segment of the economy, as a consortium with corporate friends, and part of the strategy is to crush the United States, as Australia builds its economic presence via Asia.

There are vast numbers of people who know what is going on, and believe it is part of some national strategy so they provide cover for the criminals.

It is not any sensible strategy.

It is simple corporate pillaging that requires obedient patriobots to loyally follow their orders.

After the fact, of course, everybody realizes they were hoodwinked.

General Stubblebine was a very vocal 911 conspiracy theorist. 

His Wikipedia page has only a brief mention of this, and tries to connect him to an unpopular conspiracy theorist.

"Stubblebine's statements questioning the plausibility of the damage done to The Pentagon by the hijacked aircraft during the September 11 attacks have been cited by David Ray Griffin to suggest that there was a conspiracy involving some elements of the U.S. government.

Notice how his Wikipedia page has evolved. 

19) And then you have to clean up the cleanup crew 

18) 'A Perfect Crime' is a propaganda effort released on NetFlix in 2020 which hints at a dark turn in NetFlix focus

Anybody who followed European news pre internet would remember the 'stay behind' group news.

In the 20th century there were waves of terrorism in Europe which reached a peak in the 1970s with a string of murders and kidnappings.

Extensive evidence established very clearly that these terrorist attacks were part of a government project centered in various western countries, and were using the framework of a group created to supposedly defend Europe in the event of a Soviet takeover.

Before the internet, it became clear that various 'intelligence' agencies had created these paramilitary groups, the 'stay behinds' to drum up terrorism and give cover to the 'necessary response to terrorism' which would follow. In other words most or all of the high profile terrorist attacks of that era in Europe were initiated by Western 'intelligence' agencies. Anybody curious whether that is true can go to libraries which have old microfiche and research it.

Today, if you look for information on the subject you get a very sanitized history. 

This NetFlix series involves the murder of Detlev Rohwedder, a German who was hired to break up old East German companies. 

Putting the series in context, it appears to be part of an effort to recreate the history of terrorism in Europe from that era.

This general subject will get a page eventually with additional examples which make the effort more clear.

19) Five Brazilian people died in a single plane crash 

As George Bush would say "Thassalotta people".

Four of the last 13 plane crashes involving that type of aircraft have been in Brazil. 

20) WTF?

Rare earths have been making historic moves for months and still no news? 

21) Why no drug tests for high ranking officers? 

22) Deflation, finally

"Approximately 1500 pounds of meth (street value: approximately $53.8 million)" 

April 2021 / **$35,000 a pound** 

"Meth / 3 pounds / $12,000

September 2021 / **$4,000 a pound** 

Or maybe it's just that when police steal drugs they only steal cheap drugs?

23) A pretty compelling conspiracy theory is looking more and more likely 

In 2018/2019 U.S. policy makers knew a recession was imminent. They also knew the 'dollar advantage' was going to disappear, and other economies would start growing faster than the U.S.

Trump started negotiations with China that could have slowed the process, but that didn't go far.

Then, just as a contraction seemed imminent, Coronavirus hit, and the slowdown was called cyclical, it was presented as a substitute for the still looming contraction.

As Coronavirus wound down, governments tied to the dollar started a massive 'quantitative easing' program. They said that they were not expecting inflation to last long.

Mysterious explanations for increasing inflation kept popping up. Chip shortages, supply chains, etc.

At every step though the policy explanations do not make sense unless a person plays stupid.

Now, inflation picking up because of all the money dumping, but governments cannot dial down the dumping or they will trigger the cyclical issue which they have been postponing. 

The problem with these events is that they were predictable, and it looks like Coronavirus plus several other things may have served the purposes of those trying to crash land western economies.

In retrospect, before too long, it will not be hard to show conclusively one way or another if policy makers anticipated the Corona contraction before it happened.

24) It's now becoming more obvious what is being done with Israel/ 

The melting pot is using Israel to herd the other more tribal middle eastern groups into a sort of victim stance that will give them a big payoff in their stance towards the melting pot.

Israelis have a sort of tunnel vision with regard to how they are perceived abroad so the worse things start getting the more they will trust in a strategic picture that they don't quite see, but are sure exists.

The prize everybody is after is the Arab world but til the end Israelis will be sure they are on top.

25) There is a big difference between 1970s inflation and today 

In the 1970s there was no major systemic reason to believe inflation was more than 'somewhat serious'. It was possible to manage it with mild intervention, and that was done.

Today there is no way to hide the trillions of dollars that will be needed to solve the next contraction, and countries like the U.S. which have been supporting their economies for generations at the expense of developing countries no longer have that tool, unless they revert to outright military action which is no longer possible.

At the moment the U.S. starts to tighten money it will become easier and easier for rivals to put the U.S. economy in a tailspin. Then there has to be another massive quantity of money added to save the U.S. until, of course, inflation talk starts again. But after each cycle inflation will be higher and the U.S. will be more vulnerable.

Australia being positioned as a British replacement for the U.S. has so many problems it is laughable.

But it will be expensive to the world.

26) Why do so few 'experts' understand what commodities are? 

27) The non proliferation industry, a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil, needs to work on its act 

Most countries have loads of uranium, but few countries have a sleazy transnational marketing crew that gets the media to pretend high prices are good for buyers.

28) Diplomatic impunity is likely to become more visible soon in places where the U.S. has unwelcome troops 

29) Obviously police do not do things this way when it is their own house 

30) Two of many articles suggesting the visible, dismissible, 'causes' of inflation are part of a ruse to cover a change in economic policy 

A person would have to research the upper echelon of Texas Instruments, but a lot of evidence points to an unknown agency within the U.S. government deliberately engineering plausible covers for short term inflation to minimize the retreat to commodities that will occur when people start applying common sense to the surge in money supply.

Going further, a person can look at things which would be expected to occur under such a scenario, and they line up like ducks.

The first obvious misstep in this ploy was the grounding of a ship in the Suez canal.

50 years ago it would have been easy to do that kind of thing discreetly, but clumsy bureaucrats today are hired for the know who, and a gaggle of idiots don't get smarter by cloistering.

31) Has the worm turned? 

A slim chance this news item reflects the beginning of a change in the Latin American mining environment.

Because of the amount of silver in Latin America, and because of the importance of maintaining a favorable gold / silver ratio for British / U.S. policy, there is likely to be a lot of blood shed trying to prevent Latin American bureaucrats from disobeying British / U.S. bureaucrats.

There has probably been a significant up tick in deaths among less visible policy influencers in Bolivia, Mexico, Peru and other countries with significant silver reserves.

If there is ever publicity of behind the scenes historic influencing of metals producing regions by 'mining interests' from Australia / Britain / Canada / the U.S., and if that were to lead to a loss of control by those Britain based countries, it would have far reaching effects.

This is probably part of the calculus in Australia's move to ally with China on resources in developing countries.

Anybody who imagines China would resist corruption would be making a mistake.

Peru is probably the most important country to watch, along with Bolivia, but Mexico will be the one in the news.

A bunch of similar news just under the mainstream radar suggests the Australian side of the British metals consortium will be taking front stage soon. 

It would be a very easy thing to start a nationalist stampede against transnational miners, akin to the revolt against massive debt from several decades ago, but far more serious.

So easy, a small NGO could do it.

A lot of cleverness has gone into the British projects, especially from Canada, but at the end of the day rape is still rape. 

32) A very strange series of events involving uranium properties in North America 

It's anybody's guess what is behind the recent shuffling, but there is no doubt whatsoever that transnational petroleum interests have kept nuclear power off the table for a long time.

Countries and corporations have been talking about trillion dollar costs of clean fuel, but the entire issue could be solved by creating cheap modular reactors and selling them at a reasonable price to developing countries, and letting those countries produce their own fuel.

If corporations and countries want to pump petroleum via deceptions involving proliferation, it would be very easy for anybody to tell the truth.

33) In the most backward third world countries, a person can spend years in prison, even after they are shown to have been falsely convicted

"Sharpe, who maintained his innocence, was wrongfully imprisoned for 24 years until he was exonerated in 2019 when a judge found that a key witness in the case had “entirely made up” her testimony. 

This is actually common in that country.

34) The similarity between 'western rational science' which ignores and tries to eliminate irrational functions, and the same thing in parts of Asia,000_Character_Petition 

Doesn't bode well for the species, but deserves a page. 

35) It's not enough to deliberately kill civilians by bombing them? 

The footage seems to show rifle rounds hitting the ground after the bombs drop.

36) Universal basic income is picking up steam

Experts are suggesting that the Fed accelerate tapering, which makes no sense whatsoever, since it will trigger the postponed recession before there is some other backup, and it will give teeth to inflation instead of reducing it. The amount of money used is not a big factor in inflation but it is a big factor in employment. 

When the subsidies given to corporations through asset purchases are instead given to low income consumers, via universal basic income, it will be obvious that the dollar is being ditched, but at least the economy will continue. 

37) Taper talk may end sooner than expected 

It would be interesting to know the extent to which the U.S. is going to blindside Japan.

Poor Japanese have no idea.

38) Could the Astroworld stampede victims have survived if they had been adequately armed? 

39) The usual suspects

1) Police shoot a young girl and wound some bystanders, which is not what they are paid to do.

2) The family decides to cash in so police will try to not shoot children in the future. 

3) The police try their usual ruse of 'We didn't shoot the girl, some kids did." 

40) An interesting article that, at first, appears to show the disintegration of a melting pot scam run by the British based aspect of the melting pot. 

41) An interesting mass shooting?

Individual mass shooters always have an identifiable exposure to toxins, usually in public water, which can be deduced.

Columbine Colorado had a shooting years ago which had features of a 'chemical act'. Since then there have been a statistically significant concentration of similar events in that area. 

42) There are two general sides in society on the issue of rape

One side generally discourages rape as incompatible with advancing society.

The other side is notable for discrediting the actions of the first side.

In the U.S. there are complex networks of bureaucrats on the second side who pretend to be on the first. A classic example was the support network that appeared after Harvey Weinstein was accused and which included the top law enforcers in that state.

This case in India may be a similar case in which law enforcers promote a case for its weakness with their only real intention being to discredit it. 

43) Anti vaxxers will have strong ammunition eventually

One possibility is in a recent article about the messenger rna used to make vaccines. 

The authors do not get favorable mainstream treatment. 

But anybody interested should glance at the article, including the section "Lessons from Parkinson's disease." 












































1) Practical uses of archetypes

Jung wrote a confusing book about how 'mental disease' originates, which is widely respected by a lot of people. 

But he was more famous for his writings on archetypes.

This page will try to give examples of how archetypes can have practical uses.

An example is the use of grafting in agriculture. Grafting is a narrow field in horticulture, but it also has become an archetype which applies over many disciplines, and understanding it is useful.

There are a lot of short term 'emergency strategies' populations have used to get past short term issues like food shortage. These strategies fall into two categories a) causes long term harm, and b) doesn't cause long term harm.

For example there used to be, pre internet, stories about rocks that gave off noticeable heat. These rocks solved a short term problem if you were cold, but they created a long term problem because of the effects of radiation. If you were freezing to death it might be wise to use such a rock for a few hours, but after that there comes a point where you do not gain. There are not easily findable references to such rock stories on the internet, but some related links. 

It may be that such stories are being limited on Google, a person can read the comments below the following article. If that is the case, it goes without saying that obviously there is no genuine 'national security' factor, it is entirely an issue of manipulating access to information as part of a strategy to create a context in which petroleum use is perpetuated. 

Other short term strategies, developed during an emergency, may become mainstream if there is clearly no harm. You are hungry. You notice a plant, You eat it. You survive. You continue eating it.

Grafting of plants is in one of those two categories, but which one? 

 It does not kill in days, like hot rocks. It is not even directly nor visibly fatal after an extended period of time. But there are many people who claim that there is a different kind of harm, perhaps worse than hot rocks, which comes from extending that survival strategy, grafting, into regular use. This page will start by looking at that example. 

2) More Netflix?

 It's been mentioned several times that a page will be devoted to examples of how Netflix appears to be slyly pumping U.S. propaganda around the world, more specifically Oil Consortium propaganda.

One classic example comes from the film 'Open secrets', which is not made by NetFlix, but tries to spin an 'anti consortium' public story in such a way as to minimize the visibility of the consortium.

At 18 minutes an angry character suggests Bush jr wanted to invade Iraq because Saddam had targeted Bush sr. It's a great story line, but obviously the push for the war was about eliminating Iraqi oil exports and not about vengeance for a plot which may not even have been real.

If the move had referenced the consortium's need to stop oil from flooding the market it would not have been able to get the backing of any mainstream marketers.

The incredible irony of Blair's involvement is that the British have prepared extensively for an opportunistic 'Jewish hand' to be exposed as the consortium's 'authority'. The oil consortium is entirely transnational, but if it is centered in one country or group, it is centered in Britain, London.

3) Korean mystery solved?

Both North Koreans and South Koreans are not generally fond of Japan for historical reasons. North Koreans are more vocal about it though. 

After WWII the U.S. offered Japan a position as top economic ally and in addition an agreement years later to keep Korea divided in exchange for Japan being the lapdog of the U.S.

At the end of WWII Japan had to choose between complete surrender to the U.S., including a subordinate economy, or a lower position within Asia. Japan picked the higher position at the expense of Asian unity because it would not have fared well on its own vs China and Korea economically.

Now, as China picks up, there is still no 'Asian' i.e., indigenous American power in the Americas, and China has enough power to unify Asia behind a banner of advancing Asian interests in the new world.

Asian countries, including Japan, seem to be behind China on this but the sticking point is that Japan and Korea are still strongly allied with the U.S.

An Asian effort to re unify the Koreas would have to deal with the residual animosity towards Japan, and China could solve that in a lot of ways which increased its own status in Asia.

So it's possible the Covid collapse in trade between China and North Korea, and the recent surge in North Korea's currency, are China setting North Korea up for a mandatory re unification.

In that case, Japan would have a lot of concerns, but China would cement its self perceived role as new global leader by solving those concerns carefully the same way the U.S. used diplomatic 'generosity' after WWII to cement its role.

Once the two Koreas start to have serious re unification discussions the dollar will probably start dropping dramatically, something like extreme inflation, and that will probably be the real start of loss of civil liberties in the U.S., as Asia goes in the opposite direction.

4) The United States, and other countries, have been exposed putting vast complicated back doors in all sorts of electronic devices

Why would a country want a mountain of electronic weaponry provided by a country which is not a long term ally and which often pollutes technology with extras?

5) Pandora's Box

Space tourism is a massive opportunity for governments to pacify citizens.

Any specific company might or might not do well, but there is a vast upside potential in the industry because it has wealthy vested patrons. 

6) CO2 is going to have a big effect on developed countries

It would cost a few billion dollars or less to provide cheap modular nuclear reactors, designed to run on non proliferateable fuel, to all of the developing areas of the world.

It would also not be hard for corporations to find a new way to rape developing economies under cover of 'helping' them with such a program. 

7) An estimated $5 billion in bitcoin went to ransomware

It was then converted into dollars which are much harder to trace. 

8) In industrialized places, people are trained not to interfere against aggressions

The implicit top value in an industrialized society is that if one person or group is being forced on another person or group then the force is justified on the grounds that force is the ultimate justifier for anything.

If you or your group has the muscle to do something then you or your group are authorized by society to do it.

There are trivial speed bumps but if you can coerce near silence from your victim you are clear.

It's the norm across all levels of society, but sometimes a news article tries to paint a different picture. 

The man had coerced the woman into silence so by industrial standards anything that happened was 'consensual'.

The woman knew the rules, did the math, and decided not to resist.

The guy has no residence, minimal or no education, most likely no path to attaining the resources usually used to attain a partner. So he knows the process encouraged by society of creating fake 'authorization' to disempower a weaker person.

Now he is about to learn that accountability follows the same rules.

A few days later another article saying the 'bystander' story was false. 

So now it looks like an agenda driven story that could have had any number of motives. Find a low status male, arrest him for 'semi rape', then have the 'rape' part discredited at trial.

One group of people was probably women who want a Scandinavian view of rape popularized, in which everything is entirely consensual, and their objective was spun out of control by men who wanted to discredit that view.

The vast majority of sex acts are influenced to some extent by issues of coercion, finance etc, and its easier to make that point with a homeless person than a senator.

9) Another Aussie Scam

"Let's not mention Uranium too quickly, or people will catch on." 

On the other hand, there is money to be made. 

Follow the same playbook as oil, and by the time third world countries discover their Uranium reserves have been hidden, unrecorded, by Western geologists, Australia and its new partner China will own those reserves.

10) Has altseason finally arrived?

Usually when bitcoin breaks out people sell alts to buy bitcoin, but so far that is not happening. If it is altseason then there will necessarily be more mainstream funds to invest in smaller coins soon, and the bubble will fill with crypto helium. 

11) With British derived societies in rapid fall, they are scrambling to set up longterm control of green minerals

As corrupt as the oil consortium was, the world will soon see vicious transnational corruption that is on a new scale. 

12) An interesting state dilemma

It used to be that when a person was going to be electrocuted they would want to hold the hand of the judge as the current flows.

Killing somebody deliberately is a very conscious act when the victim is targeted as an individual, and a big part of 'state executions' is a clever game of hot potato in which accountability for the targeted killing is bounced around from one abstraction to another. 

In this case, a person who has been targeted for a state killing wants to have a second person participate on his side. It certainly does not seem likely it will improve his chances of survival, but it will bring a more tangible survivor, and direct witness, to the killing.

The next step would be for the state, i.e., bureaucrats hiding behind the abstraction of state, to legitimize killings by using their religion, as a personal defense of their actions. This concept of 'god wants the state to kill these people' could evolve in an interesting direction.

13) The Billion Dollar Code and the zipper archetype

The Billion Dollar code is another NetFlix Weltanschauungskrieg propaganda film. 

Its goal is to reassemble various threads of the common global melting pot worldview in such a way as to allow more Western European corporate power.

After WWII Germans were a conquered people looking to recover in such a way as not to fall afoul of the melting pot their nation was now subordinate to.

Any German could get personal power by working creatively within the new authority and contributing to the melting pot, but this subordination was generally below the consciousness of the Germans involved. It's a common way to brainwash/control conquered people, often done with children, but in this case there is a vast corporate infrastructure, a Western European based corporate monolith, was positioned in a way as to reel in these 'individuals' who unknowingly did their corporate work.

The zipper archetype involves a sort of graft, taking two trends which are not on a parallel path, and sewing them into one. Like grafting it has long term implications.

Artificial reality is the term commonly used for taking a reality based mapping system, and building an artificial layer on top of it which is geared to directing individuals to existing within a framework which can be controlled. It is sometimes seen in the context of marketing, as discussed elsewhere on this website, and marketing of course is not always commercial, it can have other objectives.

It is interesting that the film starts with a specific technical problem which was being addressed by Mikhail Sendeyev in one of the few academic papers he authored.

14) The so called 'Trump' media platform is an example of backdooring social media by corporate or 'melting pot' interests

Trump is not an independent person. He is utterly controlled and obedient to those who give him power.

When he 'creates a social media platform', of course 'he' is not doing anything. Those who make use of him are. 

The problem could be seen as 'How do you guide a mass of individuals who disagree with you', which could be rephrased as 'How do you control those individuals'.

It goes back to the central question of the melting pot, 'Should every group in the world have, as its primary objective, control over others with different worldviews'.

15) It would be an easy thing for a competent film maker to make a 'Zeitgeist' type movie discrediting the entire 'war on terror' 

16) Very clever cover for a coup among the real policy makers

Recently a power group rearranged the Fed by outing some people as having traded certain stocks.

It was a blatant power move that had nothing to do with stock trading and everything to do with setting up the Fed for some questionable police redirection.

Now they have to blow smoke. 

The fact that Powell read the statement points to him being out soon, and is reminiscent of Trump ordering frog legs when he dined with Romney.

17) Is silver about to go very high?

One person gives their opinion in an interview. 

The chart seems to point to the possibility of silver going very, very high. 

The recent bottom around $21.20 is an important figure since the March 2008 high at that level. That run up that went from 2001 to April 2011 was a bitcoinesque chart that looks like a fractal from the bitcoin chart, which followed a log pattern for a while until it broke. It is strange that both bitcoin and silver had very clear log chart boundaries, as if massive traders were using those boundaries as guides.

A continuation of that chart would put silver in the hundreds of u.s. dollars per ounce.

Should a silver chart be compared to a bitcoin chart?

Silver is a real commodity with real uses.

Til now most commodities have not had clear lines that their log charts have followed. things like major U.S. stock indices have though, giving the impression that there is some very powerful entity creating deliberate patterns. That paranoid suspicion is reinforced by looking at things like how gaps are cleaned up in charts. It could well be a large group of traders, working independently, enforce respect for certain technical integrities in the chart, but it seems very unlikely.

If there is a shift to commodities, because of eroding fiat values, the hardest commodities are elements. 

At least for the next few years. 

18) Both China and the U.S. are pretending they are about to reduce stimulus, but neither is planning to 

Until the two economies are adequately disentangled, both will try to out overheat their respective economies to gain an edge.

Turkey may be playing the same game by a slightly different route. 

19) Arrested for, uhhh? 

Hawaii is slowly turning into a plastic version of the British U.S. melting pot.

They were a country once.

20) Nepalese Gurkhas are famous soldiers

Add them to the list of groups who the opium generals have to deal with. 

21) Et Tu, Texas oil?

A recent article about the power of the Texas Oil lobby. 

But wait.

"The Railroad Commission hasn't put production limits — known as proration — into effect since the early 1970s. 

If any other industry conspired against consumers to boost margins, it would be illegal.

When other countries did it in "the early 1970s" it was an attempted sabotage of the U.S. economy.

The oil consortium has always had cover in being able to argue they were reducing consumption, but all of the evidence points to them trying to increase both consumption and margins, including the sabotaging of nuclear energy through clever operations like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

22) Frame 313 is a documentary about the Kennedy assassination, one of many

More than enough has been uncovered to make it clear that Oswald was not a 'lone gunman', and perhaps was not involved at all.'

There was an elaborate set up though, designed to use him as a fall guy.

One of the unstudied things about the assassination was who was responsible for choosing the specific path that the motorcade ran?

The route would not have been known long in advance, and somebody within government arranged for the presidential motorcade to go where the killers needed.

23) The NetFlix series "Inside Job" paints a clearer picture of the overlap between 'white van psychology' and modern propaganda

A separate page will be made eventually about 'white van psychology', but basically the affinity for white vans as extensions of an individual usually starts with an insecure younger female, who follows a predictable path. Gaby Petito is a recent example, had Gaby Petito lived she would probably have extended herself further into her 'white van'.

An example of the next developmental step, an ideal for Gaby Petito if she had lived, would have been a woman who was starting a career parallel to her husband, maybe Hillary Clinton is an example if you ignore the politics. Then a woman who has all of the material resources to attach to a powerful man, an excellent example would be John McCain's second wife Cindy, and the developing white vanner would see Mrs McCain as the power figure. Then, assuming a person got through those steps in one lifetime, they would still have to go back to the beginning in order to become an individual by any psychological standards, i.e., renounce their power at the Hillary Clinton or Cindy McCain level.

After a misspent youth, the 'white van' person finds power through some connection with a group or group symbol, a stereotypical example is the woman who marries a millionaire or politician then starts a charity project. Her identity is still insecure, but the 'group project', for example a charity, or often some type of policing or security project, becomes her way of creating some anticipated future identity. She wants to take incomplete lessons from her father to 'build a better world' which will cement some sort of princess role for her. The dark side is that she has corrupted the boundary between male and female at an unhealthy level, and is driven subconsciously to overpower her father and thus inherit the power of both parents as a sort of Chimera.

The men who she controls with her project become, in her imagination, extensions of her 'new world'.

This is not a motif that could survive on its own in any society. It survives only as long as it is enforced, and it survives at great expense to those enforcing it.

A second type of person who follows, also usually a female, is raised in a protected environment and feels power is due her. She becomes a sort of young lieutenant to the first person, but without the misspent youth. This is the type of person sought out for 'security' type jobs, a willing participant in 'white van' type manipulations because this person does not understand the broader context of their manipulative need.

The 'Inside Job' series starts with a picture of the Whitehouse and some jail style bars between the audience and the Whitehouse. The purpose of this initial scene is to create ambiguity between whether 'leaders' or 'followers' are 'imprisoned', and to set the audience up for a charade in which they are 'freed'.

Next, a 'street person' type starts yelling about conspiracy theories until his daughter intervenes, as she tries to guide him.

In the first episode, a white van makes its first appearance at 2 minutes 3 seconds.

In the second episode, the first white van is at 1 minute 11 seconds.

The third episode starts with part of the main character's family moving belongings into a white moving van. The white van used in the other episodes first appears at 2 minutes 4 seconds. Then the employees are sent to sensitivity training so they don't offend 'reptoids' which are often used to symbolize Jews, and the protagonist's father starts building a white 'teddy bear' robot for her.

The final episode in the 2021 series, #10, begins with the white 'teddy bear' robot, which will replace the white van in 2022.

'Reptoids' or 'Reptilians' are used by people critical of 'Jewish influence' to criticize that influence without directly referring to Jews. Then, some 'pro Jewish' people react defensively and create a smokescreen around the concept e.g. connecting it to fringe characters like Icke or looking for historical 'reptilians' from thousands of years ago. In other words things have swung so far that most 'political' Jews have disconnected from the ability to even perceive challengers, and they create defenses that are not. 

The 'melting pot' aspect of global society, once dominated by 'political Jews' in Europe, can now use 'Jewish influence' in a way that is clearly a set up against 'Jewish influence' in favor of another aspect of the melting pot, specifically British derived society.

The initial 'Inside Job' story line is that the 'father' had a tech business which was taken over by his 'modern' daughter whose character tritely exaggerates conspiracies in order to discredit them.

The beginning of the series relies heavily on Jewish themes, raising fears that the purpose of the series will be the usual NetFlix fare of encouraging tribal surrender to the melting pot.

The irony in this is that Jews have been coopted into defending the long term interests of British descendent colonialism just as those British descended cultures start to turn against Jews. It's like a big person grabbing a smaller person's arm and hitting the smaller person with their own arm.

The very narrow focus of NetFlix's overt propaganda has been observed by various people evidently. 

I'm Jewish and it looks like most Jewish people do not understand what this kind of propaganda actually does.

The shows creator is not listed as Jewish in any biographies, but uses stereotypical Jewish phrases, she may have a Catholic background. Here is an interview with her. 

She is not overtly pushing any agenda. Rather she is a sort of 'useful idiot' in that her 'development' is on a track that the melting pot wants to promote. So, letting her popularize her 'dreams' serves the purpose of the 'NetFlix propaganda campaign' which is a simple continuation of things like and the British based control of the global mindset, in other words to force the 'connected' infrastructure of the world to use a UK based worldview and to eliminate tribal based views as they appear on the scene. Jews, as a result of the involvement of a few Jews in things like the Bolshevik farce, have set themselves up to be used by the British descendent part of the melting pot as the face of this unfortunate ploy.

It is virtually 100% certain that NetFlix has corporate employees who provide input on their productions with regard to props like white vans. These are probably employees of some British or U.S. spy agency placed at NetFlix.

A person could trace the root round and round endlessly. You could say the Basques used the British. Then the British used the U.S. using things like operation Paperclip. Now the British are using Jews, on and on. But the British use of Jews in the current phase is not benign.

The executive producer is Jewish, and has a 'white van' derived mentality. Most people who play this role are female, but he is an example of a male in that role. It is a melting pot role, a conquered person is 'brought back to life' as a servant. The 'women's rights' aspect of his beliefs is yet another smokescreen which hides the true political agenda. Here is an excerpt from his Wikipedia page, evidently partially written by him.

"Hirsch is generally outspoken about his political beliefs on social media. He strongly opposes Donald Trump, calling him "a lying, self centered, woman-hating sociopath"."

"Hirsch supports abortion rights, LGBT rights, immigration, raising taxes on the wealthy, and gun restrictions."

"In May 2019, Hirsch criticized Alabama and Missouri for attempting to criminalize abortion saying "This is a full on assault on women’s rights from a fanatical religious fringe trying to turn back the clock 50 years" and "Women will die. This is medieval cruelty and ignorance"."

"In August 2020, Hirsch praised Dana Terrace's The Owl House for its LGBT representation saying "Back when I made [Gravity Falls], Disney forbade me from having any explicit LGBTQ+ [representation in the show]. But as of today, thanks to [Dana Terrace] and [her] team there are explicitly queer animated main characters on Disney TV. I'm so proud and happy to say that."" 

It's a variation of Jung's 'mass man' identity, but with a modern twist. It is not sustainable and serves only to identify those within that narrow niche.

24) The ridiculous drama between Australia and China is similar to other dramas beginning around the globe 

Both Australia and China are overtly ethnic based societies trying to gain the upper hand as Europe fragments and Asia unites.

Australians believe they have a silent understanding with China, akin to the petroleum consortium that has ruled the melting pot for a few generations, a new order which will preserve the place of British derived culture.

25) The last thing the U.S. wants is peace in any Latin American countries that has any substantial indigenous population 

The games will become more and more complex, but as long as the United States refuses to make any genuine peace with indigenous groups it is still slyly trying to exterminate, its survival depends more and more on eliminating indigenous threats.

26) Gold from Africa, money to Australia